Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Entrails - The Tomb Awaits

Entrails: The Tomb Awaits
The Hype: The hype over the revival of HM-2 Stockholm worship is acceptable and welcome. I happen to be one of the guilty parties shamelessly resurrecting it. However you don't have to be a total faggot about it. Unfortunately Entrails (who apparently is at the top of this heap) is swallowing the gravy from balls already milked by Entombed, Dismember, etc... (Did I have to mention the other mid to late 80's early 90's bands who use this bands mouth as a toilet?) Apparently Entrails has been around since the heyday like some other packers of fudge such as the revamped Evocation. Hash is good...in your frying pan and your bowl. Rehash? Not so much. Especially when you're spent. Uninspired riffs disguised by a bottom heavy production isn't going to draw every old school lover in. What a novelty. And speaking of novelties for any fan boys who recently had their bangs slicked over by a boyfriend who works at the Topic; I believe there is a sword fight (dongs involved) with the guitarists of this band and In Flame(r)s in one of the songs. Jesper Stromblad couldn't be reached for comment. Any goon with an HM-2 could have written these tunes and many bands are using this pedal like a homo would use a gerbil. The problem is so many record labels are "feddling" it because of this "tone". Personally I like music that sticks in my head. After listening to this atleast a dozen times I couldn't HUM two notes from memory. You owe it to yourself to check out bands like Corpsessed and Kryptborn (from Finland hmm...) who are doing something truly crushing.

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