Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brujeria - "El Patron" (1994)

'El Patron' is the gap between Brujeria's debut and sophomore LP's, though stylistically it has more in common with their first.

This rotten little morsel still carries with it the same grimy vibe as Matando Gueros did and it will never cease to bum me out that the "band" decided to clean things up a bit with the release of Raza Odiadas, even managing to "cop a feel" on the then rampant nu-metal trend with Brujerizmo.

'El Patron' was the very last time that Brujeria actually sounded creepy. Frightening, even. There was something about Brujeria's older material that made it sound as if it was truly recorded out in some satanic ranch in the middle of the desert. I couldn't tell if the production was legitimately shitty or if it was a purposeful endeavor on the part of the band themselves. Whatever the case, it worked, and this 'ep' is the very last representation of that creepy sound that made 'Matando Gueros' a classic in my book.

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