Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Movie Poster of the Week: Yeti - Giant of the 20th Century (1977)

Usurper - Diabolosis (1995)

Though everyone seems to croak in delight over Usurper's sophmore LP, 1998's 'Skeletal Season', I have always felt that their debut was by far their best, not to mention most bizarre.

This is perhaps the most difficult album of all to categorize. I know that a lot of folks out there prefer to cop out and label Usurper's music as 'Celtic Frost' worship, but I'd hardly say that that sums up what they're dishing out. Sure, the influence of the mighty Frost is apparent, especially when you hear the singer yell "ooh" every other minute and indeed there are similar riff techniques, but I think it's safe to say that Usurper more than ably stands on their own two cloven hooves. I guess the one thing that stands out the most, to me, is how fucking weird this album is. Despite some of the rather upbeat grooves that rear their ugly heads from time to time, there is an unsettling and outright bizarre vibe that permeates this album throughout, not to mention the absolute bone shattering crunch of the guitar sound, I mean, Usurper was the fucking Dead Youth after all, and you'd be the champion of chumps to deny the Earth smashing heaviness of that band!

Ok, having got the "nod" to The Dead Youth out of the way, this album pretty much picks up where The Dead Youth's 'Writhing' left off. I would say that the guitar sound on 'Diabolosis' is pretty much the same as on TDY's 'Writhing'. The difference is in the riff delivery, which really, isn't that big of a difference except that with a track or two you can hear Usurper contemplating on whether or not to wholeheartedly jump on the black metal trend, so prevalent in the mid 90's. Thankfully, they opted to keep that influence to a bare minimum as the majority of this album falls under the crunch laden mid-paced/doom dirge category.

A lot of the riffs on this album are just downright fucking creepy. This is the kind of shit that black metal fags wish they could write. Unfortunately, this style of writing would see a decline throughout the bands next few releases until it was virtually non-existent in Usurper's sound later on down the road. A lot of folks have claimed this to be everything from "blackened thrash" to straight up black metal to doom/death, etc. The truth is, there is no way to describe this album. It just is.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Celtic frost - Vanity/Nemesis (1990)

First off, I'd hardly call this album a "comeback", and one thing is certain, Vanity/Nemesis sports by fucking far what is the absolutely gayest album cover in the frosty one's career. That alone had me doubting all the praise of the band's alleged "return to form". The music may or may not have been an attempt to pull the sparkly dildo out of Tom "Fischer's" ass but they were obviously not willing to abandon the 'Jersey hair' sportin', 80's slam pig look which they had acquired around the release of 1988's 'Cold Lake'. So, were the rumors true? Had The Frost indeed found their way back "to mega therion"? Not quite.

First off, the vocals are firmly rooted in the whiny style that Sir Gay-briel began to tinker around with on 'Into the Pandemonium'. There are zero "ooh's" to be found here and you can forget about any sort of "gruff" vocals as well. Now, I actually don't mind the "romantic" sounding whiny fag vocals that Sir Gay-briel persists on using throughout this album. Being a totally gay fan boy for 'Into the Pandemonium', this approach I hardly find distracting. I've always found them to be oddly sinister and befitting of the music in which they embellish, which, of course, brings me to the riffs, and wherein lies the problem...

Don't get me wrong, I do not dislike this album at all. I certainly wouldn't label it a 'glam rock' album and it sure as fuck beats to a wretched pulp the album it succeeds, it's just that a healthy portion of this album is just plain boring. The songs that do stand out are just decent at best. There are a few "frosty" characteristics which bring to mind better days, but overall this sounds uninspired, as if the band knew that they had fucked up, yet were actually rather happy with being cockslapped in the back room over at the 'Blue Oyster' bar. The "attempt" at getting back on track is halfhearted at best.

If you can bring yourself to get past the outspokenly homosexual album cover, you'd be surprised to hear that this album isn't as gay as it looks, however, any hope that this is a return to the glory days of old should be put on ice and left at the door. I guess that you could say that this is the album that should have come out after 'Into the Pandemonium' as it basically capitalizes on the more blander aesthetics of that album without going all out gay such as the album before it.

Indesinence - Vessels of Light and Decay (2012)

Now this is how you write "old school death metal"!

A lot of blogs and reviewers out there persist on labeling Indesinence a 'funeral' band. Where that moniker may or may not fit their older material, Indesinence have pretty much sloughed off that misleading representation like the surface of an Ebola victim's tongue. What you have here is grade A death metal that could easily have been churned fourth during the early 90's. More than once I was reminded of Benediction (UK) while listening to this album. Fret not though doomsayers, there are indeed plenty of slower passages tunneled throughout the duration of this release, but I'd hardly call it a "funeral" album.

While a lot of disillusioned folks out there are content with awkwardly channeling their inner Autopsy or Incantation, Indesinence are one of those rarities that truly bring me back to the old days without mindlessly (and erroneously) aping a proven formula to get their point across. Bravo.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blacked out Through Whitewash

Part I:

Exposing the Greatest Cover- ups in “His-Story”
by:  Suzar

Like Christ, ALL founders of world religions on ALL continents were BLACK and “woolly” haired, including the earliest gods.

Buddha was Black!  That’s why his woolly hair is always shown in small tight curls, peppercorn style or cornrows.  Early sculptures of him clearly reveal his Aficoid features ...wide nose and full lips.  So was Zaha of Japan, Fu-Hsi of China, Tyr of Scandinavia, Quetzalcoatl of Mexico, Sommonacom of Siam and Isis of Egypt and Rome.  Krishna of India was “blue-black,” in fact his means black, or the Black One! (See dictionary).  He is always portrayed with blue or blue-black skin.

Mohammed, founder of Islam was also ‘bluish’ in color with ‘frizzy’ hair.  His grandfather was “black as the night.”

Moses was Black according to Mohammedan tradition and early portraits.  His hand would turn white, then back to his “other flesh” when God wished to give him a sign. (Ex. 4:6,7).
Lao Tse of Taoism was “a divine incarnation ...born of a virgin black in complexion and as beautiful as jasper.”  (Thorton: History of China Vol. 1)  The chief title of Osiris, the greatest of Egyptian gods means “Lord of the Perfect Black.”  He was also called “The Great Black,” similar to Krishna.  The chief title of Zeus, greatest of the Greek gods was “Ethiops” which means, “burnt faced.”  Early statues of gods in India have Africoid features and woolly or locked hair.  The name of the Mexican god Ixtliton means  “blacked faced.” In fact, many ancient Mexican gods are portrayed jet black with Africoid features.

Once banned, The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors, by Kersey Graves reveals remarkable knowledge on this subject, along with Anacalypis by Godfrey Higgins and African Origins of the Major World Religions by Amon Saakana, (Editors).


Nappy hair is 'divine' - The choice of God!

Like Christ, “His son” and all the founders of world religions, God Himself has kinky, nappy hair -according tot he Bible, where God or the “Ancient of Days” is described as having “hair like the pure wool.”  (Dan. 7:9)  The Power that causes galaxies to spiral, and planets & atoms to spin; that causes the double helix spiral of the DNA molecules -this same spiraling power causes spiraling hair... otherwise known as NAPPY, kinky, curly, frizzy, wavy, WOOLLY hair!

The words, SPIN, SPIRAL, and SPIRITUAL have common roots!  The Supreme Power spins; spirals; it is spiritual.  It moves or spirals the universe!  The entire universe dances in spirals and rotations; everything in it reflects the “SPIRaling, SPIRitual” essence out of which it is made!  The “SPIRal,” especially the Golden Spiral, is simultaneously the most profound motion and design in the universe -built into all life forms, from seashelss to man, to spiraling nappy hair!  Your blood spirals through your veins!  Plants spiral up from the soil!  And nappy hair spirals out from the hair roots!  Ball your hand into a fist and slowly extend each finger.

Did Jesus have dreadlocks?
Jesus was a Nazarite: a vow of Nazarites was to never cut his hair but “let the locks of the hair of his head grow.” (Nm. 6:2,5, Lev. 19:27; 21:5)  The word Nazarite is from nazar, meaning unshorn.  Woolly nappy hair, if simply washed & dried but never combed or brushed, will naturally entwine into long locks as it grows.  Samson, the most famous example of locked hair, had seven locks. (Jg. 13:5, 16:17,19)

Hair is a really antenna that can receive and transmit energy!  A Rastafarian explains that dreadlocks are a quality of Black people; they “are high-tension wires,” which transmits divine energy and inspiration from Jah [God], the creator, to Rasta, the mirror.”  (Nicholas/Sparrow:  Rastafarian -A Way of Life)  As Blacks awaken to true self-knowledge and self-acceptance this brings, the negative racist conditioning with respect to their natural spiraling, nappy hair as “bad” and straighter hair as “good” will cease!


Ancient Egypt was a Black African Civilization.  The word itself means Black!

The ancient Egyptians called themselves Kam or Kam-Au (Black people/ Black God-people), and their country Kamit (or Khemit), both meaning land of the Blacks and the Black Land.  The word Egypt is derived from the Greek word Aigyptos (or Aiguptos) that means Black!  Europe’s first historian, Herodotus said, “the Egyptians, Colchians, and Ethiopians have thick lips, and broad nose, woolly hair and they are of burnt skin.”  Egyptian civilization evolved from the Ethiopians.   The Bible equates Ham (Africans) with Egypt.  (Ps. 78:51; 105:23, 27; 106:21, 22)

The Black identity of Egyptian mummies is proven by their high melanin content. Also, Egyptians made wigs from sheep wool to match their woolly hair!  A superb summary of the first Egyptians, their culture & achievements is documented in Legrand Clegg’s video Egypt During the Golden Age.  Other great works include Gerald Massey’s scholarly Egypt, Light of the World, and James Brunson’s Predynastic Egypt.  Ra Un Nefer Amen presents a powerful synthesis of the esoteric sciences of ancient Egypt, India & Canaan, in Metu Neter.

Whites blew off the Africoid nose of the Sphinx! And destroyed much ancient Africoid art.

Carved from a single rock, the Sphinx was a portrait of the Black Pharaoh Khafre (Cephren).  The blatant, undeniable evidence of Black African achievement blew off the Africoid nose and part of the lips with cannon fire! Reporting on the “riddle” of the racial identity of the ancient Egyptians, Count C. Volney, a distinguished French scholar who visited Egypt in the late 1700's, wrote with astonishment “...when I visited the Sphinx, its appearance gave me the key to the riddle. Beholding that head typically Negro in all its features...” He later added “...the Egyptians were true Negroes of the same type as all native-born Africans.”  The Sphinx’s broad nose and full lips are evident in an early drawing of the Sphinx as it was found in the 19th century.

The willful and systematic destruction of Africoid art has also occurred in the Americas, Asia and India:  Inscriptions and hieroglyphics are defaced or bleached, noses are shot off or chiseled down, confusing nomenclatures are pasted over the evidence, photos are taken from misleading angles or filters, and some evidence is outright destroyed.  Europeans replaced the African inscriptions with new ones that credited themselves for the achievement.


Western (white) civilization was founded on a Black African civilization.

You may recall being taught in school that Western (white) civilization is founded upon the ancient Greek civilization that seemed to suddenly appear. What European historians are trying to hide or deny is that the Greek civilization was primarily the offspring of the advanced Black African civilization of ancient Egypt that preceded it by thousands of years. Greek legends relate that Egyptian & Phoenician conquerors ruled all or parts of Greece until the 14th or 15th century B.C.

Books about Western civilization’s African origins include Cheikh Anta Diop:  The African Origin of Civilization - Myth or Reality and Martin Bernal: Black Athena Vol. 1, 2.


The earliest Greek & Roman gods were all Black, including the Trojan heroes!

The early Greek-Roman gods & goddesses such as Apollo, Zeus, Hercules, Athena, Venus, were all Black, being renditions of the Black Egyptian gods.  The historian Herodotus himself wrote “the names of nearly all the gods came to Greece from Egypt.”  The Aeneid, like the Iliad, Odyssey and all the other great epics of the world, is a poetic story dealing with Black people!  Aeneas, the Trojan hero of Virgil’s Aeneid, was in direct descent from Dardanus, the African founder of Troy.


Africans gave us Math, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry! -Including the Arabic Numbers!  Africans also originated the world’s first known universities.

The falsely credited Pythagoras and Euclid learned their knowledge from Egypt’s “Sacred Mystery Schools,” which were the first universities known to man (with branches in other parts of the world, including China!)  Estimated by computer analysis to have approached a mile in length, the temple-university of Luxor housed an elite faculty of priest-professors and catered to some 80,000 students at all grade levels!  Temples were at the center of religion, politics and education.

The Ethiopians and Egyptians originated Mathematics and Trigonometry.  The African Moors originated Algebra and developed Trigonometry into a science.  The word Algebra is derived from “Al-Jabr wa’l Muqabala,” the title of the first textbook on the subject.  From the name of the Black author, “Al-Khowarizmi.”  We get the word algorithm (a math procedure).  The Arabic numbers we use today came from the ancient Arab people who were originally Black Africans!  And many of them still are!


Chemistry & the word itself is from Black Egypt.  And where would the world be without PAPER and ALPHABET?

Africans gave us both!   The words Chemistry/ Alchemy are from the word Kam or Khem, the name that the ancient Egyptians called themselves that means BLACK.  Africans invented paper and papermaking.  Paper was made from papyrus, hence the name.  Before this, writing was done on stone tablets.  The alphabet used by Western civilization originates from the Black Phoenicians who copied the principles from the Africans of the Nile Valley.

The real ‘Father of Medicine’ was the African multi-genius Imhotep of ancient Egypt, not Hippocrates who lived 2000 years later.  Imhotep brought the knowledge of medicine to Greece and Rome.  He was a world famous physician, architect, high priest, diplomat, economist, poet, philosopher, sage, magician, astronomer, engineer, and designer of the Step Pyramid of Sakkara.  He was so revered that he was deified while still living and worshipped as the Great God of Medicine.  The Greeks renamed him Aesclepios, the God of Healing. The phrase “drink and be merry...” is traced to him.

The symbol of the medical profession, the caduceus (a winged staff entwined by two serpents), was the insignia found on his temples.  Imhotep temples in fact were the first hospitals known to man!  Stlen from Africa, his many volumes are at Karl Marx University in Leipzig, Germany “From Egypt comes the earliest medical books, the first observatory for anatomy - human and comparative - the first experiments in surgery and pharmacy, the first use of splints and bandages, compresses and other appliances, and the first anatomical and medical vocabulary, and an extensive one at that.”

(S. Glanvile: The Legacy of Egypt p196) European medicine is founded on the works of Imhotep and Black Muslims, Avicenna and Rhazes.  For rich details, see Llaila O. Afrika:  African Holistic Health.

This race of black men... is the very race to which we owe our arts, our sciences, and even the use of speech!"

Wrote the amazed, distinguished French scholar, Count C. Volney in 1787.  Later he wrote Ruins of Empires, a book which so delighted scholars of the day that it was translated into English with a 'special edition' for the racist Americans, in which the following quotation was left out: "There are a people, now forgotten who discovered while others were yet barbarians, the elements of the arts and sciences.  The Black man is rejected now for their black skin and woolly hair founded, on the study of the laws of Nature, those civil and religious systems which still govern the universe."

The name by which whites are known -Caucasian- originated from Africans -and is from Caucasus, which is derived from the Ethiopian words "Caer Cush Aur." (Bryant's Ancient Mythology Vol. III, p158 [1807]).  Ancient African civilizations flourished while Europeans were living as barbarians in the caves of the Caucasus mountains.
Whites stole the word "Aryan" from the Sanskrit language of India's Blacks where it meant noble cultivator or the holy.
Europe is named after the Black Phoenician princess, Europe!  (See dictionary) who was kidnapped by Black Zeus.
"Slave" is from "Slav."  So many Slavic people of Europe were enslaved that the word "Slav" came to mean, "slave."
Paris is named after the Egyptian goddess, Isis!--From an early temple of Isis (Pari Isidos).  At the site of this temple is the Cathedral of Notre Dame; the Grande Dame referred to Isis herself!

The heroes & people of the Bible were primarily Black African people.  Moses was an Egyptian priest whose hand turned white under special circumstances.  (Ex. 4:6,7)  Black Samson had dreadlocks.  Solomon declares, "I am black" as does Job; "My skin is black..."  (Sol. 1:6, Job 30:30) Simon was a Canaanite.  (Mt. 10:4)  Paul is mistaken for an "Egyptian."  (Acts 21:37-39)

The early church fathers, persecuted Christians and martyred saints were also Black, such as St. Barbara - a female saint after which Santa Barbara city is named, St. Augustine, St. Maurice, Clement of Alexandria and five popes, including St. Peter! (Rogers: Nature Knows No Color Line)  For details McCray: The Black Presence in the Bible.  Dunston: The Black Man in the Old Testament & its World; and Barashango: God, The Bible & The Black Man's Destiny.

Seeking to further discredit African legacy, white historians try to displace Egypt from Africa by classifying it as part of Asia, but the ancient people of West Asia were also Black!  The original people of West Asia were the Sumerians, who called themselves the "Black-Heads."  They founded the rich Black cultures of Mesopotamia that included the ancient Babylonians, Chaldeans, Canaanites, Phoenicians and Elamites (original Persians).

Cush or Nubia means Ethiopia.  The Biblical table of nations (Gen. 10) tells us that Cush and Canaan were brothers (sons of Ham), and that Sumer (Shina) is descended from Cush.  Old Testament compilers assign Ham (father of Africans) to Egypt, Canaan, Cush and Phut (Libya).  The Bible refers to Egypt as Ham. (Ps. 78:51; 105:23, 27; 106; 21,22)


The original Biblical Jews were a Black African people.

The original Jews in Africa 2000 years ago were a Black African people as an ethnic group.  (Massey: Egypt Light of the Word p501) Many of them still are Black, in northern Africa such as the Falasha Jews of Ethiopia.  A New York Times editorial (3/2/84) described them as "a lost tribe that has kept it identity for more than 2,000 years in a remote corner of Africa."

Abraham, ancestor of the Hebrews, was from Chaldea; the ancient Chaldeans were Black.  In fact, Africa takes it name from Ophren, a son of Abraham by his wife, Keturah (Whiston:  The Life and Works of Flavius Josephus p50) Like Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the lineage of Ethiopian Emperor, Haile Selassie also goes back to Judah -through Solomon/Queen of Sheba and King David.  Roman historian Tacitus wrote that many of his time believed that the Jews "were a race of Ethiopian origin."

The Bible classifies the Ethiopians & Jews together, "Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, “O children of Israel? Saith the Lord."  (Amos 9:7) Black Paul is mistaken for an "Egyptian" and declares he himself to be a "Jew."  (Acts 21:37-39, 22: 2,3)

The Jews got their language, religion & culture from the Canaanites & Sumerians through Babylon is well documented by historians.  The original ancient Hebrew alphabet was identical to that of the Phoenicians.  "Semitic languages" are really dialectical variants of African languages.

The word Semite is from semi that means half.  Half what?  Half BLACK! (Mulatto!)  Semite refers to the descendants of Shem, one of Noah's sons.  The word originates from the Latin prefix semi that means half.  "Half Black and half white... therefore Black (since Black is genetically dominant)” points out Dr. Cress Welsing.

Historian Cheikh Anta Diop also points out that the "Semitic" arises in the 4th millennia B.C. from crossbreeding between Black inhabitants of the holy land and white northern invaders.  While many Semites (such as Jews & gypsies) have mixed so much with whites that they've forgotten or deny their African roots, racism (white supremacy) will never let them forget this no matter how light-skinned they become, as proved by Hitler, who mandated their destruction because they were classified by whites as "non-white" people originating in Africa.  The very word gypsy means "out of Egypt."

African Americans are largely descendants of the original Black Jews!  The original Biblical Jews were Black African people who were ruthlessly persecuted by the white man (Romans).  The prophet Jesus was a Black Jew who was born during this time.  The Roman-Jewish War in A.D. 66  marked the peak of this persecution and the end of the original Black Jews (Hebrew-Israelites) as a nation.  As predicted by Jesus, in this war Jerusalem was overthrown, the Temple was destroyed and the Black Hebrews were scattered.  (Mat. 24:15-21, Luke 21: 5,6, 20-24)

The loss of life was appalling.  So many Hebrews were slain that the whole lake of Galilee was red with blood and covered with corpses.  The noted historian, Osephus estimated that one million one hundred thousand perished in the siege of Jerusalem alone, reports Hugh Schonfield in his book The Passover Plot p192-195, which describes this massive genocide.

Seeking to escape destruction, millions of original Black Biblical Jews fled into AFRICA!
Centuries later, their descendants were captured and sold into slavery in the Americas! 

Ella Hughley’s remarkable booklet The Truth About Black Biblical Hebrew-Israelites exposes and summarizes important details of this suppressed subject.    She writes “Many of the Israelites... who managed to escape their persecutors during the Roman-Jewish War subsequently migrated to West Africa, and 6000 years later their descendants were captured and brought to America in chains by cruel slave-traders.”

She quotes the noted Jewish historian, Josephus from his book The Great Roman-Jewish War: 66-70, where he writes about this Jewish dispersion and captivity. “General Vaspasian and his son Caesar Titus fought against the Jews.  Millions of Jews fled into Africa, among other places, fleeing from Roman persecution and starvation during the siege.”  In African Origins of Major Western Religions p75, Dr. Yusef ben-Jochannan writes:  “There were many Hebrew (Jewish) tribes that were of indigenous African origin.  These African Jews were caught in a rebellion in Cyrene...during 115 C. E.  This rebellion also marked the beginning of a mass Jewish migration southward into Sudan of West Africa.”  Arab historian, Ibn Battuta writes of finding Jews scattered across North and West Africa during his travels.  The Hebrewisms of numerous tribes, especially in West Africa is well documented.


Khazar Jews & Original Jews

If the original Jews were Black, where did white Jews come from? There are two main types of white Jews the Edomites and the Khazars.  Edomites are the descendants of Esau, who was born ruddy (red) and hairy according to the Bible.  (Gen. 25:25)  This describes the “white” man; he is red (all shades) and hairy.  Esau was the albino, fraternal twin brother of Jacob, the father of the original Black Israelites.  The white Edomites and Black Israelites were constantly in strife against one another.  In fact, the Edomites fought the Black Jews in the Roman-Jewish War.  At a later period in history, the Edomites (Idumeans) were conquered and forced to become “Jews.”  The European Khazars became “Jews” in 740 A.D. (see below) Neither groups are descended from the house of Israel!

Khazars make up over 90% of the so-called “Jews!” (Hatonn) The world’s best kept secret?  Hugley writes “These groups... [Khazars esp., plus Edomites & other ethnic groups] make up modern Jewry today.  Although the black Hebrew-Israelites are the real descendants of ancient Israel, this truth is not known by many and it is ‘the world’s best kept secret.’

Because of slavery and scattering, the Hebrew-Israelites are not known to the world as true Israel... Some scholars, teachers and ministers teach that God has completely cast them away, but God said, ‘I have chosen thee, and have not cast thee away.’  (Isa. 41:9, last part.)  [& Rm. Ch. 11]

Although the children of Israel went into captivity, a remnant has returned as was predicted.  The prophecy of Ezekiel 37th chapter tells of the spiritual resurrection of the people of Israel, who will be perpetually betrothed to their God in truth and in righteousness.”  There are numerous Black-Hebrew congregations in America.  “Temple Bethel” is the largest & oldest (in Belleville, VA). “Jews” were a heavy part of the African slave trade in the America!  Compiled from Jewish documents, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews by the Nation of Islam reveals the vast Jewish involvement in the Atlantic slave trade.  “Jews” were also major slave sellers during the Middle Ages. (Van Sertima: African Presence in Early Europe, p161)

These “Jewish” slave-sellers were probably not “real Jews” at all but Khazars. (See below) Counterfeit Jews: the hated, white “Khazars” who have usurped the real Jews! Historians are now recognizing that the majority of eastern so-called “Jews” are actually “Khazars” and have NO Semitic roots whatsoever!  The Khazars are impostors: well-suppressed knowledge is emerging about this war-like tribe of whites that rose to power in Eastern Europe and were hated by the other whites they conquered due to there severe, exploitative treatment of them.

The Khazars all converted to Judaism as a political ploy during the Middle Ages.  It appears that they learned all they could from he real Hebrews before usurping them, selling them into slavery (or killing them) and taking over in their place, using the corrupted form of Judaism to hide behind while continuing their treachery right into modern times.  Much of Europe’s historical hate for “Jews” is hate for the ruthless Khazars who continued to be hated in spite of becoming “Jews.”

In fact, the word “Jew” originated during the 1700s to label them! (Hatonn: p3, 17)  Counterfeit Blessings - The Anti-Christ by Any Name: Khazars by G. C. Hatonn, exposes that the Khazars are the real “anti-Semites” who have labeled themselves as Zionists and “Jews” to deceive the world in furthering their own plans for global & political conquest.  (See pages 22-24 in this document) In the 13th Tribe.  Arthur Koestler traces the history of the Khazars and their rise to power.

The African Moors sparked the European Renaissance!  Ruling Spain, southern France, much of Scotland & North Africa during the middle ages for 700 years, the Black African Moors gave Europe one of its finest civilizations.  The word Moor is from the Greek word mauros, meaning scorched.  In the introduction of The Story of the Moors in Spain by Stanley Lane-Poole, John Jackson writes: "Eurocentric historians argue that Europe gave civilization to Africa, which is a complete inversion of the truth.  The first civilized Europeans were the Greeks, who were chiefly civilized by the Africans of the Nile Valley.

The Greeks transmitted this culture to the Romans, who finally lost it, bringing on a dark age of five hundred years.  Civilization was restored to Europe when another group of Africans, the Moors, brought this Dark Age to an end... During the Golden Age of Islam, the Moorish Empire... was the most advanced state in the world... Cordova was the most wonderful city of the tenth century; the streets were well paved, with raised sidewalks for pedestrians... Public baths numbered in the hundreds... at a time when cleanliness in Christian Europe was regarded a sin... Moorish monarchs dwelt in splendid palaces, while the crowned heads of England, France, and Germany lived in big barns, lacking both windows and chimneys, with only a hole in the roof for the emission of smoke."

The Moors had an insatiable lust for knowledge, and acquired it from East and West, translating into Arabic all they could find, even ransacking monasteries for rare books.  One king had a private library of 600,000 books!  In Moorish Spain education was available to the most humble, while in Christian Europe 99% of the populace were illiterate, including kings.

The incredible city of Cordova had 800 public schools!  The Moors made great advances in mathematics, physics, astronomy, medicine, botany, and chemistry.  The Moors also introduced the first shooting mechanisms or rifles known as fire sticks!  -Which revolutionized European military science, ultimately causing their downfall when their enemies used gunpowder to drive them back into Africa.

Their contributions to European civilization are vast - with no credit given to them.  For more details, Ivan Van Sertima, Ed:  The Golden Age of the Moors, and Samuel Scott: The History of the Moorish Empire in Europe.   The white Founding Fathers built America on Black Egypt's knowledge.

As revealed in Anthony Browder's fascinating From the Browder File, the Founding Fathers sought to recreate in America the same energies which guided the Africans of the Nile Valley by using African science, architecture and symbols (with no credit to them) as shown:

The Founding Fathers and all the U.S.
presidents were Masons (except Lincoln and Kennedy). 
Masons and other secret orders such as the Rosicrucian’s 7 Illuminati are patterned after the Sacred Mystery Schools (universities) of ancient Egypt.
The word 'Mason' means 'child of the sun' and is derived from the African terms Sons 7 Daughters of Light (or Children of the Sun). 
The sun symbolizes enlightenment; hence these metaphors mean 'enlightened people.'  The Declaration of Independence and U.S.  Constitution are Masonic documents, written in the Masonic code and have different meaning to members of the Masonic order.
Look on the back of the dollar bill and see for yourself how the Founding Fathers composed the Great Seal of America with African symbols:  The Eye of Horus/God, pyramid, six-pointed star (made up of 13 stars), and the eagle -their imitation of Egypt's sacred sun Falcon, a symbol for Horus.  Stan Deyo's provocative Cosmic Conspiracy provides more insights.
The Washington monument, a symbol of America, is an African obelisk!  The obelisk was the symbol of the very Black Egyptian god, Osiris who represented the regenerative powers of God and was worshiped as the impregnating force of the universe.  The obelisk later became part of the worship of the Egyptian Sun God, "Ra," from which we get the words "ra, radiation." The obelisk is also found at the Vatican in St. Peter's square and in every major city in the world.  It is the origin of church steeples!
Egyptian Design:  The Lincoln Memorial is patterned after an Egyptian temple honoring the pharaoh, Ramsese II.  Meridian Hill Park (AKA Malcolm X Park) was designed to align Washington D.C. to the same meridian (pathway to the sun) which passes through Egypt.  So-called European architecture (like the Capitol, Parthenon, cathedrals) is copied from African architecture! (Mosques, obelisks, temples)
A Black scientist designed the city.  The layout and design of Washington D.C. was accomplished by America's first Black man of science, Benjamin Banneker - astronomer and mathematician.

Albinos:  Why do whites seek to hide their origins?

Are whites the albino offspring of Black Africans?  White skin is a form of albinism.  It appears that whites have “come into being” through a number of ways:  In The Isis Papers p123, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing states “whites are undoubtedly a genetic mutant albino population... from the original Black (hue-man) beings.”  The story of  ‘Snowflake’ dramatically illustrates how it is possible for whites to come into being from blacks:  Born of coal black parents, this albino gorilla named “Snowflake” has platinum blond hair, white (pink) skin, and blue eyes!  (National Geographic: Mar. 67, Oct. 70).  Similarly in Panama, particularly among the San Blas Indians are albino natives that also have blond hair and blue eyes!

They are often indistinguishable from blond Northern Europeans!  In the Bible, Edomites are whites that descended from an albino named Esau who was born ruddy (red) & hairy.  (Gen. 25:25)  The Bible refers to white skin as leprosy (Num. 12:10-12, Lev. 13) and reports that a race of people (Gahazites) was born white due to being cursed! (II Kings 5:27)  Bible scholars credit Japheth (a son of Noah) as fathering a (Black) people who settled in the north, ultimately becoming the Caucasian Race.

Similarly, other scholars theorize that Africans who migrated to Europe and were caught in the Ice Age, gradually lightened until their genes mutated to adapt to the scant sunlight, thus producing a race of whites.

Interestingly, the ancient Egyptians recorded the Tamahu, which means created white people.  Egyptian writings also refer to whites as Typhonians or People     of Seth, both meaning “the devils.”  After the People of Seth were first released into the Black community of the Near East 6000 years ago, they caused sever strife, thus the Africans rounded them up, stripped them of everything and exiled them to the caves and hills of the Caucasus Mountains.  This explains the sudden appearance of white people in this region.  To prevent their escaping Africans installed a series of guarded walls blocking all exits along that area from one sea to the other!

Thus “roping” them off (hence the word Europe).  These walls have been witnessed and recorded by many European writers, including Pliny.  Thus, totally cut off from civilization, the whites degenerated into uncivilized, Nomadics.  They remained this way for 2000 years until ‘Allah mercifully sent an Egyptian priest named Musa or Moses to civilize them.’

This explains the otherwise unknown reason why suddenly about 2000 B.C., vast hordes of these white barbarians left the Caucasus region and stormed all the (Black) centers of civilizations throughout Mesopotamia, the Near East, Africa and India, destroying and usurping them.  Thus, the Whiteman’s arrival signaled destruction for all these civilizations and the beginning of the Whiteman’s rise to power.

Whites proclaim their origin is Greek.  Whites can avoid confronting the true meaning of skin whiteness as a mutation and genetic deficiency state from the Black norm - the ‘hue-man’ norm’...  Deep within the unconscious psyche of the white collective is an awareness; of their origin amongst Blacks, that Blacks were their parents and that they (whites) were the  offspring of Blacks who suffered from the skin condition of Albinism.”

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Movie Poster of the Week: Nightmare City -aka- City of the Walking Dead (1980)


by Chuck Palahniuk

Printed in Playboy magazine
March 2004

Take in as much air as you can.
This story should last about as long as you can hold your breath, and then just a little bit longer. So listen as fast as you can.
A friend of mine, when he was thirteen years old he heard about "pegging." This is when a guy gets banged up the butt with a dildo. Stimulate the prostate gland hard enough, and the rumor is you can have explosive hands-free orgasms. At that age, this friend's a little sex maniac. He's always jonesing for a better way to get his rocks off. He goes out to buy a carrot and some petroleum jelly. To conduct a little private research. Then he pictures how it's going to look at the supermarket checkstand, the lonely carrot and petroleum jelly rolling down the conveyer belt toward the grocery store cashier. All the shoppers waiting in line, watching. Everyone seeing the big evening he has planned.
So, my friend, he buys milk and eggs and sugar and a carrot, all the ingredients for a carrot cake. And Vaseline.
Like he's going home to stick a carrot cake up his butt.
At home, he whittles the carrot into a blunt tool. He slathers it with grease and grinds his ass down on it. Then, nothing. No orgasm. Nothing happens except it hurts.
Then, this kid, his mom yells it's suppertime. She says to come down, right now.
He works the carrot out and stashes the slippery, filthy thing in the dirty clothes under his bed.
After dinner, he goes to find the carrot and it's gone. All his dirty clothes, while he ate dinner, his mom grabbed them all to do laundry. No way could she not find the carrot, carefully shaped with a paring knife from her kitchen, still shiny with lube and stinky.
This friend of mine, he waits months under a black cloud, waiting for his folks to confront him. And they never do. Ever. Even now he's grown up, that invisible carrot hangs over every Christmas dinner, every birthday party. Every Easter egg hunt with his kids, his parents' grandkids, that ghost carrot is hovering over all of them.
That something too awful to name.
People in France have a phrase: "Spirit of the Stairway." In French: Esprit de l'escalier. It means that moment when you find the answer, but it's too late. Say you're at a party and someone insults you. You have to say something. So under pressure, with everybody watching, you say something lame. But the moment you leave the party…
As you start down the stairway, then -- magic. You come up with the perfect thing you should've said. The perfect crippling put-down.
That's the Spirit of the Stairway.
The trouble is even the French don't have a phrase for the stupid things you actually do say under pressure. Those stupid, desperate things you actually think or do.
Some deeds are too low to even get a name. Too low to even get talked about.
Looking back, kid-psych experts, school counselors now say that most of the last peak in teen suicide was kids trying to choke while they beat off. Their folks would find them, a towel twisted around the kid's neck, the towel tied to the rod in their bedroom closet, the kid dead. Dead sperm everywhere. Of course the folks cleaned up. They put some pants on their kid. They made it look… better. Intentional at least. The regular kind of sad, teen suicide.
Another friend of mine, a kid from school, his older brother in the Navy said how guys in the Middle East jack off different than we do here. This brother was stationed in some camel country where the public market sells what could be fancy letter openers. Each fancy tool is just a thin rod of polished brass or silver, maybe as long as your hand, with a big tip at one end, either a big metal ball or the kind of fancy carved handle you'd see on a sword. This Navy brother says how Arab guys get their dick hard and then insert this metal rod inside the whole length of their boner. They jack off with the rod inside, and it makes getting off so much better. More intense.
It's this big brother who travels around the world, sending back French phrases. Russian phrases. Helpful jack-off tips.
After this, the little brother, one day he doesn't show up at school. That night, he calls to ask if I'll pick up his homework for the next couple weeks. Because he's in the hospital.
He's got to share a room with old people getting their guts worked on. He says how they all have to share the same television. All he's got for privacy is a curtain. His folks don't come and visit. On the phone, he says how right now his folks could just kill his big brother in the Navy.
On the phone, the kid says how -- the day before -- he was just a little stoned. At home in his bedroom, he was flopped on the bed. He was lighting a candle and flipping through some old porno magazines, getting ready to beat off. This is after he's heard from his Navy brother. That helpful hint about how Arabs beat off. The kid looks around for something that might do the job. A ball-point pen's too big. A pencil's too big and rough. But dripped down the side of the candle, there's a thin, smooth ridge of wax that just might work. With just the tip of one finger, this kid snaps the long ridge of wax off the candle. He rolls it smooth between the palms of his hands. Long and smooth and thin.
Stoned and horny, he slips it down inside, deeper and deeper into the piss slit of his boner. With a good hank of the wax still poking out the top, he gets to work.
Even now, he says those Arab guys are pretty damn smart. They've totally re-invented jacking off. Flat on his back in bed, things are getting so good, this kid can't keep track of the wax. He's one good squeeze from shooting his wad when the wax isn't sticking out anymore.
The thin wax rod, it's slipped inside. All the way inside. So deep inside he can't even feel the lump of it inside his piss tube.
From downstairs, his mom shouts it's suppertime. She says to come down, right now. This wax kid and the carrot kid are different people, but we all live pretty much the same life.
It's after dinner when the kid's guts start to hurt. It's wax so he figured it would just melt inside him and he'd pee it out. Now his back hurts. His kidneys. He can't stand straight.
This kid talking on the phone from his hospital bed, in the background you can hear bells ding, people screaming. Game shows.
The X-rays show the truth, something long and thin, bent double inside his bladder. This long, thin V inside him, it's collecting all the minerals in his piss. It's getting bigger and more rough, coated with crystals of calcium, it's bumping around, ripping up the soft lining of his bladder, blocking his piss from getting out. His kidneys are backed up. What little that leaks out his dick is red with blood.
This kid and his folks, his whole family, them looking at the black X-ray with the doctor and the nurses standing there, the big V of wax glowing white for everybody to see, he has to tell the truth. The way Arabs get off. What his big brother wrote him from the Navy.
On the phone, right now, he starts to cry.
They paid for the bladder operation with his college fund. One stupid mistake, and now he'll never be a lawyer.
Sticking stuff inside yourself. Sticking yourself inside stuff. A candle in your dick or your head in a noose, we knew it was going to be big trouble.
What got me in trouble, I called it Pearl Diving. This meant whacking off underwater, sitting on the bottom at the deep end of my parents' swimming pool. With one deep breath, I'd kick my way to the bottom and slip off my swim trucks. I'd sit down there for two, three, four minutes.
Just from jacking off, I had huge lung capacity. If I had the house to myself, I'd do this all afternoon. After I'd finally pump out my stuff, my sperm, it would hang there in big, fat, milky gobs.
After that was more diving, to catch it all. To collect it and wipe each handful in a towel. That's why it was called Pearl Diving. Even with chlorine, there was my sister to worry about. Or, Christ almighty, my Mom.
That used to be my worst fear in the world: my teenage virgin sister, thinking she's just getting fat, then giving birth to a two-headed retard baby. Both heads looking just like me. Me, the father AND the uncle.
In the end, it's never what you worry about that gets you.
The best part of Pearl Diving was the inlet port for the swimming pool filter and the circulation pump. The best part was getting naked and sitting on it.
As the French would say: Who doesn't like getting their butt sucked?
Still, one minute you're just a kid getting off, and the next minute you'll never be a lawyer.
One minute, I'm settling on the pool bottom, and the sky is wavy, light blue through eight feet of water above my head. The world is silent except for the heartbeat in my ears. My yellow-striped swim trunks are looped around my neck for safe keeping, just in case a friend, a neighbor, anybody shows up to ask why I skipped football practice. The steady suck of the pool inlet hole is lapping at me and I'm grinding my skinny white ass around on that feeling.
One minute, I've got enough air, and my dick's in my hand. My folks are gone at their work and my sister's got ballet. Nobody's supposed to be home for hours.
My hand brings me right to getting off, and I stop. I swim up to catch another big breath. I dive down and settle on the bottom.
I do this again and again.
This must be why girls want to sit on your face. The suction is like taking a dump that never ends. My dick hard and getting my butt eaten out, I do not need air. My heartbeat in my ears, I stay under until bright stars of light start worming around in my eyes. My legs straight out, the back of each knee rubbed raw against the concrete bottom. My toes are turning blue, my toes and fingers wrinkled from being so long in the water.
And then I let it happen. The big white gobs start spouting. The pearls.
It's then I need some air. But when I go to kick off against the bottom, I can't. I can't get my feet under me. My ass is stuck.
Emergency paramedics will tell you that every year about 150 people get stuck this way, sucked by a circulation pump. Get your long hair caught, or your ass, and you're going to drown. Every year, tons of people do. Most of them in Florida.
People just don't talk about it. Not even French people talk about EVERYTHING.
Getting one knee up, getting one foot tucked under me, I get to half standing when I feel the tug against my butt. Getting my other foot under me, I kick off against the bottom. I'm kicking free, not touching the concrete, but not getting to the air, either.
Still kicking water, thrashing with both arms, I'm maybe halfway to the surface but not going higher. The heartbeat inside my head getting loud and fast.
The bright sparks of light crossing and criss-crossing my eyes, I turn and look back… but it doesn't make sense. This thick rope, some kind of snake, blue-white and braided with veins has come up out of the pool drain and it's holding onto my butt. Some of the veins are leaking blood, red blood that looks black underwater and drifts away from little rips in the pale skin of the snake. The blood trails away, disappearing in the water, and inside the snake's thin, blue-white skin you can see lumps of some half-digested meal.
That's the only way this makes sense. Some horrible sea monster, a sea serpent, something that's never seen the light of day, it's been hiding in the dark bottom of the pool drain, waiting to eat me.
So… I kick at it, at the slippery, rubbery knotted skin and veins of it, and more of it seems to pull out of the pool drain. It's maybe as long as my leg now, but still holding tight around my butthole. With another kick, I'm an inch closer to getting another breath. Still feeling the snake tug at my ass, I'm an inch closer to my escape.
Knotted inside the snake, you can see corn and peanuts. You can see a long bright-orange ball. It's the kind of horse-pill vitamin my Dad makes me take, to help put on weight. To get a football scholarship. With extra iron and omega-three fatty acids.
It's seeing that vitamin pill that saves my life.
It's not a snake. It's my large intestine, my colon pulled out of me. What doctors call, prolapsed. It's my guts sucked into the drain.
Paramedics will tell you a swimming pool pump pulls 80 gallons of water every minute. That's about 400 pounds of pressure. The big problem is we're all connected together inside. Your ass is just the far end of your mouth. If I let go, the pump keeps working - unraveling my insides -- until it's got my tongue. Imagine taking a 400-pound shit, and you can see how this might turn you inside out.
What I can tell you is your guts don't feel much pain. Not the way your skin feels pain. The stuff you're digesting, doctor's call it fecal matter. Higher up is chyme, pockets of a thin runny mess studded with corn and peanuts and round green peas.
That's all this soup of blood and corn, shit and sperm and peanuts floating around me. Even with my guts unraveling out my ass, me holding onto what's left, even then my first want is to somehow get my swimsuit back on.
God forbid my folks see my dick.
My one hand holding a fist around my ass, my other hand snags my yellow-striped swim trunks and pulls them from around my neck. Still, getting into them is impossible.
You want to feel your intestines, go buy a pack of those lamb-skin condoms. Take one out and unroll it. Pack it with peanut butter. Smear it with petroleum jelly and hold it under water. Then, try to tear it. Try to pull it in half. It's too tough and rubbery. It's so slimy you can't hold on.
A lamb-skin condom, that's just plain old intestine.
You can see what I'm up against.
You let go for a second, and you're gutted.
You swim for the surface, for a breath, and you're gutted.
You don't swim, and you drown.
It's a choice between being dead right now or a minute from right now.
What my folks will find after work is a big naked fetus, curled in on itself. Floating in the cloudy water of their backyard pool. Tethered to the bottom by a thick rope of veins and twisted guts. The opposite of a kid hanging himself to death while he jacks off. This is the baby they brought home from the hospital thirteen years ago. Here's the kid they hoped would snag a football scholarship and get an MBA. Who'd care for them in their old age. Here's all their hopes and dreams. Floating here, naked and dead. All around him, big milky pearls of wasted sperm.
Either that or my folks will find me wrapped in a bloody towel, collapsed halfway from the pool to the kitchen telephone, the ragged, torn scrap of my guts still hanging out the leg of my yellow-striped swim trunks.
What even the French won't talk about.
That big brother in the Navy, he taught us one other good phrase. A Russian phrase. The way we say: "I need that like I need a hole in my head…" Russian people say: "I need that like I need teeth in my asshole…"
Mne eto nado kak zuby v zadnitse
Those stories about how animals caught in a trap will chew off their leg, well, any coyote would tell you a couple bites beats the hell out of being dead.
Hell… even if you're Russian, some day you just might want those teeth.
Otherwise, what you have to do is -- you have to twist around. You hook one elbow behind your knee and pull that leg up into your face. You bite and snap at your own ass. You run out of air, and you will chew through anything to get that next breath.
It's not something you want to tell a girl on the first date. Not if you expect a kiss good night.
If I told you how it tasted, you would never, ever again eat calamari.
It's hard to say what my parents were more disgusted by: how I'd got in trouble or how I'd saved myself. After the hospital, my Mom said, "You didn't know what you were doing, honey. You were in shock." And she learned how to cook poached eggs.
All those people grossed out or feeling sorry for me…
I need that like I need teeth in my asshole.
Nowadays, people always tell me I look too skinny. People at dinner parties get all quiet and pissed off when I don't eat the pot roast they cooked. Pot roast kills me. Baked ham. Anything that hangs around inside my guts for longer than a couple hours, it comes out still food. Home-cooked lima beans or chunk light tuna fish, I'll stand up and find it still sitting there in the toilet.
After you have a radical bowel resectioning, you don't digest meat so great. Most people, you have five feet of large intestine. I'm lucky to have my six inches. So I never got a football scholarship. Never got an MBA. Both my friends, the wax kid and the carrot kid, they grew up, got big, but I've never weighed a pound more than I did that day when I was thirteen.
Another big problem was my folks paid a lot of good money for that swimming pool. In the end my Dad just told the pool guy it was a dog. The family dog fell in and drowned. The dead body got pulled into the pump. Even when the pool guy cracked open the filter casing and fished out a rubbery tube, a watery hank of intestine with a big orange vitamin pill still inside, even then, my Dad just said, "That dog was fucking nuts."
Even from my upstairs bedroom window, you could hear my Dad say, "We couldn't trust that dog alone for a second…"
Then my sister missed her period.
Even after they changed the pool water, after they sold the house and we moved to another state, after my sister's abortion, even then my folks never mentioned it again.
That is our invisible carrot.
You. Now you can take a good, deep breath.
I still have not.