Friday, February 15, 2013

Devourment - Conceived in Sewage (2013)

Boring brutal bullshit built for the braindead.

The bummer of it all is that there actually are moments where the guitarist is doing something cool, but then before you know it, it's back to Dumbfuckville. I swear, there are some mind shattering moments of retardation on this album. Fundamentally, I have nothing against "slam" riffs. I really don't. I'm not one of these whiny homos whose ass gets all in an uproar over the whole wigger/slam thing, but if you're going to go that route, please, please write something interesting! How Devourment managed to ink a deal over at Relapse is WAY the fuck beyond me. Back in the late 90's when the whole "brutal death metal" sub-genre was beginning to gain momentum, Devourment showed a bit of promise, but since then they have seemingly capitalized on the more redundant aspects of their sound. The "slam" riffing on this album (and pretty much throughout their entire career) are the most idiotic I've heard to come out of the whole 'brutal death metal' genre. The inhaled "gurgles" emitted by the vocalist are equally mundane, though I have to give him a little credit for attempting to "broaden" his technique by incorporating a more "shoutier" style of singing this time around. In the end it all still sounds pretty lame, though, and I can't shake the notion that these guys are beginning to feel the same way.

The lyrics are among the goofiest I've ever had the misfortune of reading. Irish scholars these guys are not and I have to assume that it takes a genuine fucking momo to write these songs down with even a semblance of conviction, never mind singing them live whilst mindlessly "hand chopping" away at the air. I couldn't imagine whoever writes this shit made it past fourth grade. 

The funny thing is that there are already signs of division within the Devourment fan base, mainly due to the "branching out" of the vocalist. Believe me, there aren't any vast, mind bending changes here on this album from the last. This is still that big dummy on the block known as Devourment. 

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