Monday, July 29, 2013

Bölzer - Aura [ep] (2013)

WOOOOWWWW!! Jeepers, Mr. Wilson! This is the kind of shit that comes around only rarely, yet compels me to incessantly hit the repeat button once the music comes to an end.

I've never been terribly fond of black metal, however, when infused with death metal, the results can be monstrous and Bolzer is quite the behemoth to behold.

A lot of this reminds me a bit of Sonne Adam, particularly the material found on the 'Messengers of Desolate Ways' compilation, though Bolzer is probably that much more atmospheric as they obviously have a wider array of weaponry in their aural arsenal. The tremolo riffing is absolutely ridiculous on here, such as the beginning section of 'Entranced by the Wolfshook' (not sure what the fuck that means) and then the band decides to drop some Bolt Thrower-esque riffage on top of your head, pummeling you deep into the swampiest depths.

The vocals are suitably diverse, ranging from mid-range death (ala-Witchrist) to witchier shrieks and some rather bizarre clean vocals which further add to the band's morbid atmosphere.

This truly is one of the best things I've heard in a while. The band possesses such an uncanny mastery over depth and atmosphere, I swear, there's no throwaway moment to be found here. This is some truly grimy and evil shit straight from the cavernous depths of your worst nightmares. Total fucking victory!

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