Friday, January 3, 2014

Obliteration - Black Death Horizon (2013)

I've got mixed feelings on this one. Most of the time I hate it when bands do their best to emulate Autopsy as I've never been the biggest fan of that band. I didn't mind their initial run (Severed Survival-Shitfun) but I was hardly fanatical about them and since the inception of the whole "New Wave of Old School Death Metal" I've actually grown to despise them, so naturally I'm not very fond of those Autopsy cock-boys who jock their style at every turn. Obliteration is one of those rare Autopsy worship bands that I can sort of give a pass to as their albums are without a doubt a chock full interesting and grimy riffs.

Small wonder that that trendiest of trendies, Fenriz, has gotten (ahem) "behind" Obliteration as not only are they from Dark Throne's hometown but are also one of the more successful copy-cats of Autopsy, who are one of the few American death metal bands that manage to get respect from Scandinavians openly as it is apparently safe to do so without one losing credentials in the eyes of other Europeans.

Again, there's not much to say about Obliteration aside from the fact that they're an Autopsy clone that can actually write good riffs and rhythmic sequences. That and they have killer album covers, which for me, counts!


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