Friday, June 22, 2012

Chaos Inception - The Abrogation

Holy open lesions Buttman! Now THIS is a fucking death metal album! This is for the folks who wish that Angel Corpse hadn't broken up and that Morbid Angel stayed out of The Blue Oyster bar.

I can already tell that a lot of people are going to sleep on this album, which is a fucking shame because not only is it a flawless exercise in speed and brutality, but unlike Hate Eternal and many other "big name" death metal bands, these guys truly deserve the recognition and notoriety that those bands enjoy by actually writing SONGS instead of meandering through a flurry of "brutal" and technical notes and blast beats with nothing of true value or worth to be had.

Featuring former members of Alabama's Fleshtized, Chaos Inception pretty much pick up where that band left off and leave it in the dust.

Guitarist Matt Barnes and drummer Gary White deserve special recognition as it appears that they are emerging as the next "Trey and Pete" duo. These two work flawlessly together and it's somewhat of an addiction to sit and listen to each arrangement and see what lies around each rhythmic bend and turn. Like Angel Corpse and Morbid Angel before them, CI likes to fluctuate between a higher end tornadic riff assault and then suddenly drop everything into a low tuned maelstrom. perhaps the greatest feat accomplished on this album is the fact that there is no shortage of breathless technicality yet nothing is overcooked nor does anything overstay its welcome. This is not to say that CI goes off on seemingly mindless tangents (ie Nile) as everything is perfectly wrought and placed exactly where it should be.

Whereas you have one distinct version of "evil" death metal with bands such as Immolation, Incantation and Coffin Texts leading the foray with their haunting riffs that often touch upon the realm of doom, there also exists another style of evil death metal with bands such as Mexico's Ravager, Brazil's Rebaelliun and Angel Corpse who favor a more speedier approach and "witchy" vocals. Yes, this is definitely of the "faster" variety of death metal, but unlike a band such as Origin, you're never left feeling burned out after listening to the album. If Brazilian and Floridian death metal is your cup o' menstrual fluid, then bow down to your new masters.

Chaos Inception deserve their place among the elite faction of death metal and hopefully more people out there will take notice of this godly band. Do yourself a favor and grab up a copy of this as soon as inhumanly possible!

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