Sunday, August 4, 2013

Home Sweet Home (2013)

What self-indulgent garbage. Let's be honest: home invasion movies are a one-trick pony. Dude with mask breaks in, tortures/beats people for kicks, kills one if not all members of the household... the end.

Home Sweet Home is pretty much the same deal, with two exceptions. The mask that the bad guy wears is actually pretty different and creepy. And two, this director thinks of himself way too highly. This movie is full of gratuitous slow-motion shots, close-ups, and unnecessarily fancy music. There's a slow close-up of the front door towards the beginning of the movie that is just trying way too hard.

Another thing that sets this movie apart is the seriously shitty dialogue. We're introduced to a married couple who act in the most awkward way to each other, a mom who leaves really over-the-top phone messages, and painful dialogue and decision making.

The bad guy turns out to be an authority figure with absolutely no rhyme or reason for his actions (which I presume is to add to "the terror" of people being bad for the sake of being bad, but it just ends up being stupid). Dude has a duffel bag with everything he would need for a fun night of break-in and murder .. like a hazard suit, guns, rifles, tie-wraps, and... a fucking short sword?? Not a knife, not a box-cutter, but a short katana.


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