Monday, April 14, 2014

Get the Gringo (2012)

Very surprised by this. I figured since Mel pissed off all of the whiny Jews over in Holo-wood in all probability his capabilities of making or starring in quality cinematic experiences were far behind him. Boy was I wrong!

One of my worries was that Mel may be well past his prime for one of these types of movies. After about 5 minutes my leeriness dissipated and I began to go with the flow.

'Get the Gringo' is like 'Payback' trying to come down off of a two week crystal meth bender by drinking a case of urine and tequila. Yeah, it's that good!

With all of the headless torsos and flesh pyramids made of stumps littering the streets of Mexico in the last 5-10 years, Holo-wood has jumped on the cartel glorification bandwagon like a tranny on a jackhammer and undoubtedly to the dismay of all the hebe's in El Lay, Mel-E Mel decided to as well and managed to outdo them all!! Definitely a winner in my book with a nice, healthy dose of sleaze to keep the war-machine oiled and moving.

If the whiny, insecure Jewish kingpins over in Holo-wood want to keep Mel out of the mainstream, well that's fine by me as the ol' madman has shown absolutely ZERO signs of limp-wristedness with this ace of a movie.

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