Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Head of the Demon - Head of the Demon (2012)

This is what happens when you give a bunch of black metal goofs from Sweden a bunch of pot and a weekend's worth of free studio time.

I've heard of many bands erroneously referred to as sounding like Black Sabbath, or being heavily inspired by Black Sabbath. This is one of those blue moon nights where the reference is spot on. Head of the Demon, I am pleased to say, are one of those rare bands who actually deliver the goods in terms of conjuring their inner-70's all the while keeping everything safely within their blackened inner sanctum.

I wouldn't say that this is as evil sounding or emits the sort of putrid gloom that their countrymen 'The Funeral Orchestra' does, but this is definitely special in its own right and actually does a better job at creating an older vibe.

If there's one gripe that I have it would be the ultra-tinny sound that, in my mind, takes away from the experience. I wish that they had "thickened" things up a bit but hey, this is still a winner in my book and an indication of greater things to come.

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