Thursday, May 8, 2014

Portal - Vexovoid (2013)

Not only do I not understand the hype surrounding this band but that goes for the 9,000,000 bands plagiarising their style. I just don't fucking get it. I could almost get a sense of the "evil" that everyone raves about but all of that is washed away by the band's insistence on covering everything with a wall of static and noise and I'm sorry but that is just not cool. I don't give a fuck how "extreme" you think you are for liking this shit, the bottom line is that it sucks. If they would clear up that highly annoying issue and maybe get a drummer who doesn't sound like he's nodding out after shooting up a bag of dope maybe these guys would be onto something, musically, but for now, these koo-koo clocks are better off collecting dust at the antique shop.

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