Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hooded Menace - Fulfill the Curse (2008)

Holy shit, is this band boring! I know they worship the 'Blind Dead' series from the 70's and all that groovy shit, but god damn, do they have to sound like that as well? I mean, I love doom in just about all of its forms and the slower the better, but please hit the right fucking notes! That's been my main gripe with the majority of these so called  "throwback" bands... they have the sound, they have the spirit, etc, but they just can't manage to strike the right chords. It just doesn't happen. Unlike the 'Blind Dead' movies, where, despite how plodding and slow paced they are, I can actually enjoy them given that I am in the proper mindset, I just cannot get into the shit this band has to offer. It's too bad, really, as I do enjoy their thematic shtick and their album covers are a horror nerds wet dream. Again, they have the spirit and for the most part, the right idea, but for whatever reason, cannot seem to hit the right notes. Maybe all of the bands that have done this shit before them took all the great and memorable riffs. I kinda doubt that. Oh well. As long as everyone abides by the current trend of shitty old school worship, Hooded Menace will continue to remain relevant. I myself shall pass and continue to wear out my copies of 'Dark Recollections' and 'Forest of Equilibrium', thank you very much.

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