Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jungle Rot - Slaughter the Weak (1997)

I actually really enjoy the first two releases by Jungle Rot, 'Skin the Living' and 'Slaughter the Weak' (the only reason I mention those two is because I haven't really kept up with what they've been doing since). Nothing provocative and groundbreaking, for sure, but if you dig the simplicity of Obituary and ever wondered what they would sound like with Johnny Hedlund of Unleashed on the mic, then there ya go.

Slaughter the Weak certainly isn't as evil and creepy sounding as the first two Obituary albums, nor is it as boring and bland as the rest of that band's catalog post 1990. To me, JR pretty much took what Obituary has been trying to achieve since The End Complete and successfully ran with it (and undoubtedly ran it into the ground as well), which is basically a simplistic, bottom heavy and head-bangable death metal formula. Again, this isn't rocket science, but aren't I entitled to veg out to some neolithic grooves from time to time? This is definitely the type of album that you bring with you to a keg and bonfire out in the middle of the woods somewhere. I know that after my 6th beer or so I don't necessarily want to listen to something too heady and cerebral and that's when an album like 'Slaughter the Weak' comes in perfectly!

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