Thursday, March 7, 2013

Six Feet Under - Unborn (2013)

It's staggering to me how unbelievably shot Chris Barnes' voice is, although when I think back to 2001's 'True Carnage', it shouldn't be that much of a surprise as the Man had clearly lost it even then, and to think, I thought his vocals on 'The Bleeding' sucked. Ha! Silly me.

Again, this is Barnes with a gang of hipster wiggers coming up with all the music, and as a testament to how out of touch with classic death metal people are these days, everyone's touting this album's greatness as well as Barnes alleged "return to form". Bah. There is no return to form here, folks. Sure, it might not be quite on the same level of boredom that the majority of SFU's catalog is on, but nonetheless, you can forget about hearing anything even remotely close to 'Tomb of the Mutilated' or 'The Bleeding'. All I can tell you is this: if you want "old school" death metal, then go fucking listen to "old school" death metal. That would be pretty much anything from '85-'95. This is not old school death metal. This just plain sucks.

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