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The Scapegoat: Ted Kaczynski, Ritual Murder and the Invocation of Catastrophe

by: Michael A. Hoffman II

Mr. Kaczynski's .. . belief (is) that every aspect of his existence is controlled by an omnipotent organization against which he is powerless.

New York Times, November 14,1997

Ted Kaczynski is yet another “lone nut” who pleaded guilty to spectacular crimes without a trial and had his case closed on the day the investigation should have begun in earnest.

On the day of his arraignment the Boston Globe newspaper published a nationally syndicated story conditioning the public to view the suspect as a “paranoid . . . loser” who had no accomplices and was undoubtedly guilty as charged.

A similar profile was exhibited in the cases of James Earl Ray, “Son of Sam” David Berkowitz, and many other patsies.

Like John Gotti, Kaczynski was denied his choice of attorney. As in Waco and Oklahoma City, a key building, in this case Kaczynski’s cabin, was tampered with to such an extent as to make independent investigation of it impossible.

Like Timothy McVeigh, Kaczynski’s statement at his sentencing—when the world’s media spotlight was fixed upon him—was laconic and had little impact upon the public.

In Kaczynski’s case this was striking, since according to the FBI’s “Unabom” scenario, the “University and Airline bomber” was a publicity-obsessed serial killer. Yet with the world’s media at his feet and a chance to hold forth for an hour or more on his motivation and authentic ideological views, Kaczynski merely announced that his opinions had been distorted and that he would reply and set the record straight later.

But Kaczynski will never again have the kind of opportunity for world attention that he had on May 4, 1998 in Sacramento.

Of course, the FBI mouthpiece-media has not noticed this or numerous other anomalies in the Kaczynski case. From the beginning of the mathematicians capture, they have reported the “Unabom” matter from the perspective of the FBI and confirmed all of the government’s official explanations and accounts.

Not even the local media in Helena and Great Falls, Montana, launched any investigation independent of the federal government. From the outset this case has been rubber-stamped in newsrooms with the logo of the FBI.

The Set-Up

Why was the FBI allowed to “search” Kaczynski’s cabin for weeks, without local witnesses present? The opportunities for evidence-planting and tampering were myriad.

Sheriff Chuck O’Reilly protested to the local press that the FBI did not inform him of their search; that they executed a warrant without his knowledge or consent and apprehended Kaczynski without informing him first.

FBI agents in paramilitary attire blocked access to Kaczynski’s cabin. No one except federal officials had access to Kaczynski’s cabin while a supposed “mountain of evidence” was extracted from the tiny building. From a structure of less than two hundred square feet, the Associated Press, repeating FBI pronouncements, said “truckloads of evidence” were extracted. “The evidence is all being shipped back to the FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia.”

This is the same FBI lab where the Bureau’s preeminent forensic chemist and Supervisory Special Agent, Dr. Frederic W. Whitehurst, has revealed that evidence was “fabricated” and otherwise “tainted” in a process he labeled “perjury.”

In Kaczynski’s case we have “evidence” obtained in hermetic isolation, with only federal agents allowed to observe its collection. It is upon their word alone that claims of finding bombs, bomb parts, three typewriters, a chemical lab, numerous tools, and the “original copy” of the “Unabom” manifesto. There was never independent corroboration of these claims.

How it it that just two days after Kaczynski’s capture, the FBI was in a position to declare that one of the supposed typewriters discovered in Kaczynski’s shack “appeared” to be the one used to prepare the “Unabom Manifesto”? That the FBI managed to so rapidly undertake, on site, a sophisticated process of determining the typewriter’s unique mechanical signature, something which is a complex scientific process, is a marvel that has yet to be explained.

Kaczynski’s neighbor Gene Youderian reported that there was nothing remarkable about the interior of Kaczynski’s cabin when he visited it. “There were no fancy . . . tools visible ...”

The items said by the FBI to have been in the cabin, some of them in plain view or virtually on display, were in addition to a wood stove, platform bed, table, chair, clothing, and 239 books.

All material supposed to be Kaczynski’s was shipped to the FBI laboratory, again without any outside confirmation by local civilian witnesses or the county sheriff concerning the nature of the shipments or their disposition.

In order to ensure that local people and independent investigators would not observe the discrepancy between the absurdly enormous amount of materials claimed to have been in the cabin and its diminutive, 10 feet by 12 feet size, (or 10 feet by 14 feet; accounts vary), U.S. District Judge Charles C. Lovell ordered Federal agents to continue to prevent access to the cabin until it could be transported from Kaczynski’s land.

In a secret operation conducted at midnight on May 15, 1996, a dozen FBI agents escorted a flatbed truck containing Kaczynski’s cabin to Malmstrom Air Force base, where it was placed under 24-hour guard.

Air Force Lt. Dave Honchul “declined to say where on the base the cabin is being stored and said photographs are not allowed.” Few other details were disclosed.

The cabin, or a simulacrum of it, was eventually shipped to a high-security storage facility at Mather Field in Sacramento. Some relatives of “Unabom” victims want it destroyed.

Not one of Kaczynski’s “defense” lawyers ever raised a single question or protested this process. Their focus, like that of the Justice Department and the media, was on the assumption of his guilt and insanity.

Ted Kaczynski’s federally employed, federal court-appointed Helena attorney, Michael Donahoe, failed to raise the issue of the evidence-planting/tampering potential at Kaczynski’s cabin.

From the day of his apprehension, the mathematician had no choice in the selection of his attorneys. He was always represented by lawyers appointed by various federal judges.

Donahoe and another federally employed attorney, Tony Gallagher, actually asked a federal judge to block other lawyers from offering their services to the defendant.

Donahoe’s office operated under an annual federal grant of approximately $1 million.

As soon as Kaczynski was arrested he was held virtually incommunicado at the county jail in Helena. This was not due to the local sheriff, who had criticized the FBI for having excluded him from the case.

It was Kaczynski’s federally employed, court-appointed attorney who received all of Kaczynski’s first class, privileged mail, even before Kaczynski saw it. Kaczynski s mail went to the lawyer ahead of the addressee.

By controlling Kaczynski s mail, one can control the only independent oudet available to him.

It was Kaczynskis federally employed Montana attorneys who told the court, in a motion filed and made public April 15, 1996, that the “evidence” supposedly taken from Kaczynski’s cabin was “highly incriminating.”

In other words, Kaczynskis federally employed “defense” attorneys were already informing the court and the public, a mere 12 days after his capture, that he was guilty.

The Lone Nut—Again

The lack of police investigation or media curiosity about the possibility that Kaczynski was a member of a larger conspiracy is striking. The “Unabom” manifesto alludes to others who assisted in the attacks.

Montana’s Great Falls Tribune newspaper reported April 12, 1996, on the presence of a man in Lincoln who “declined to be identified or to say exactly where he was from,” who called for Kaczynski to be considered innocent and said Kaczynski had been entrapped.

In November 1994, members of the ecology group Earth First! met at a conference at the University of Montana in Missoula, about 60 miles southwest of Kaczynski s residence in Lincoln. There is bus service between Lincoln and Missoula. The name “T Casinski,” a phonetic rendering of Kaczynski s name, appeared on the attendance list.

Three days after Kaczynski s arraignment, research computer data stored at a U.S. Forest Service office in Moscow, Idaho was destroyed by an intruder who “trashed offices and tossed computers.” Was this retribution on the part of Kaczynskis associates for Forest Service Agent Jerry Burns having lured Kaczynski out of his cabin, facilitating his capture?

In a letter to the New York Times, the “Unabomber” stated, “We are an anarchist group calling ourselves FC.”

The FBI alternately speculated that FC stood for “Fuck Computers.” It later said the initials stood for “Freedom Club.”

Before Kaczynski was apprehended, the FBI had claimed that a certain person named “Nathan R” was an associate of the “Unabomber.” Montana activists Kathleen Marquardt and Mark LaRochelle scheduled a press conference in Helena for April 10, 1996, to discuss evidence of what they said were links between Kaczynski and environmental groups. The conference was canceled after the duo claimed to have received death threats.

There has been no indication that any of these and other leads concerning possible accomplices were followed in any sustained fashion by either the establishment media or federal agents.

A strange unanimity pervaded both the media and the federal agencies from the day of Kaczynskis apprehension. Both did everything in their power to plant in the mind of the public the notion that Kaczynski was the one and only perpetrator of the “Unabom” series.

Yet, if the FBI had not in fact been shepherding Kaczynski for years before his arrest, why did they behave from the time of his capture as if they infallibly knew that they had jailed the sole perpetrator of a string of bombings, which had gone unsolved for eighteen years?

In any criminal investigation involving so vast a series of crimes, the search for accomplices begins with the capture of a suspect.

Yet from the outset, both the FBI and the establishment media went to considerable lengths to profile Kaczynski as yet another “lone nut.”

Newsweek’s April 15, 1996 cover story convicted Kaczynski in advance of any investigation or trial. The FBI’s version of Kaczynski was simply reprinted as gospel. According to Newsweek, in Kaczynski’s cabin, “G-men also discovered and defused a finished bomb that was already to be mailed.”

Newsweek didn’t write, “FBI agents allege that they discovered. . but rather, “G-men also discovered . .

The national news magazine went on to convict him: “What finally tripped up Ted Kaczynski . . . was his vanity.”

Newsweek had engaged in a similar process of trial by media in 1977. A few days after the arrest of David Berkowitz, who, it was later determined, was but one of several members of the murderous Son of Sam cult, Newsweek echoed the New York City police department’s claim that the Son of Sam case was closed on the day Berkowitz was arrested—the very day it should have been intensified and expanded.

Newsweek’s cover story just a few days after his arrest (August 22, 1977) was headlined, “The Sick World of Son of Sam” and was accompanied by a large color photo of a grinning David Berkowitz. The message was clear: “Berkowitz is the only perpetrator. The mystery is solved just as the cops say.”

Such reporting might be appropriate in Napoleonic France or Stalinist Russia, but under our American system of adversarial jurisprudence, the tale woven by federal agents and prosecutors is often wrong, and sometimes maliciously so.

A suspect in American courts is assumed innocent in order that the prejudicial stigma which was branded on Kaczynski would not hinder independent investigation and a fair criminal trial. Yet the major media in the U.S. were as keen as the Feds to tie the Unabom case up into a convenient package labeled Theodore John Kaczynski.

Martin E. Weinstein, professor of political science at the University of Montana, correctly observed that as a result of the media having found Kaczynski guilty before he had been tried, it was unlikely the defendant could obtain an unbiased jury.

Another example of the collusion between the corporate media and the FBI was the process whereby unnamed federal agents, “speaking on condition of anonymity,” primed the public with a sense that Kaczynski was undoubtedly the “Unabomber” by leaking alleged evidence to the press which would normally only surface during a trial.

The press had no means of verifying these claims, but repeatedly published them anyway, without a caveat.

“I think it’s criminal,” said Prof. David Goldberger of the Ohio State University School of Law. “This is a recurring catastrophe in our legal system.”

The Justice Department replied that leaks cannot be restrained, yet the fact that Kaczynski’s brother contacted the government in early January 1996 (through attorney Anthony Bisceglie) was kept confidential for three months and never leaked.

The need to convict Kaczynski and to cover up any connections to other individuals and organizations who may have been associated with him is a pattern found in several cases involving spectacular crimes, tremendous publicity and the imprinting of the Group Mind.

A similar process was in place after the apprehension of “lone nuts” Lee Harvey Oswald, Arthur Bremer, Sirhan Sirhan and the aforementioned Berkowitz and Ray.

A few days after Kaczynskis apprehension, on April II, 1996, this writer made contact with him through the window of the Helena jail, by means of a cardboard poster I held aloft to gain his attention. By sign language, Kaczynski indicated that he wanted me to visit him and I entered the visitor’s section of the Lewis and Clark County Jail shortly thereafter.

It was on that day that Kaczynski became the most famous man in America. The national news magazines, Time and Newsweek, published cover stories which arrived in stores across the nation on April 11 and the frenzy of televised publicity was also reaching a crescendo. Yet the visitor’s room near Kaczynski’s jail cell was eerily deserted. Not a single reporter, environmentalist activist, or curiosity-seeker was present to visit him, except this writer.

The sheriff advised me to write a letter to Kaczynski to obtain his consent for a visit, which I did immediately. However, since Kaczynski’s mail was screened by his federally bankrolled lawyers, I have no idea if he ever received my note. I doubt that he did, since he indicated through the jailhouse window that he was eager for me to visit him. I can only surmise that my letter was obstructed by Kaczynski’s court-appointed lawyers.

The Scapegoat

There was a radical alteration in the appearance of Kaczynski, who had looked relatively youthful, potent and intractable on the day of his arrest, but who, in his later court appearances, from his April 19, 1996 hearing onward, appeared to have aged 10 or more years.

At his April 19 hearing, Kaczynski was trimmed and barbered, complete with an overly groomed, suburban boutique-level hair styling, and this just a couple of weeks after he had been living for years as a free being in the woods outside Lincoln, Montana.

When I saw the photo of the new, tame Kaczynski, I recalled the lines of T.S. Eliot, “Who clipped the lion’s wings and flea’d his rump and pared his claws?”

I asked myself if the former lion’s new poodle look might portend some deeper transformation or even control that was being exerted over him in government custody.

One of the media and FBI myths about Kaczynski was that he was a reviled kook who reeked of body odor, dressed abominably, and was paranoid.

In fact, Sherry Wood, the Lincoln librarian who refused to give the FBI a list of the books Kaczynski had borrowed—the woman in Lincoln who knew him best and whose son Danny called him “Uncle Ted”—told this reporter that Kaczynski dressed decently when he came to town, did not smell, and was affectionate toward her son and respected by many people.

Even the Seattle Times in its April 5 edition admitted that in Lincoln, “The majority of people think he didn’t do it.”

His former mentor, University of Michigan mathematics Professor George Piranian told reporters, “I respected him [Kaczynski] very highly. I know other members of the faculty had great respect for him ... I’m proud to have known him.”

A national outpouring of Establishment-generated hate greeted Kaczynski upon his arrest. Monroe Freedman, a legal ethics scholar at Hofstra University observed, “What they are doing is punishing this man Kaczynski without due process of law. They are holding him up to public hate, shame, ridicule and abuse, just like putting him (in) the public stocks, without ever having tried him.”

Amid all of the insults and rattling of sabers by the outraged consensus-conformists, the reactions of victim David Gelertner of Yale University and commentator Robert Bly, were the most notable.

Before Kaczynski’s capture, Prof. Gelertner had reacted to the “Unabom” attack on him and his “techno-nerd” book, Mirror Worlds, by hurrying to his word-processor and writing an apology in the form of a sequel (The Muse in the Machine) which reversed most of his earlier mind-machine-premise; arguing instead for poetic romanticism.

But once Gelertner believed the “Unabomber” was safely behind bars, he let go with a volley of vitriol at Kaczynski in a national news magazine. Equally bitter was the response of Robert “Iron John” Bly, the men’s movement magus, who labeled Kaczynski an infantile, worthless and helpless person. Kaczynski can be criticized on any number of grounds, but being infantile could hardly be one of them. Kaczynski lived off the land, in a harsh climate, demonstrating considerable resourcefulness.

Kaczynski turned his back on the sort of academia which spoonfed Robert Bly, who in the past decade promoted the idea that men could accommodate their disaffection with modern society by hugging and crying their way into adjustment. Perhaps due to Kaczynskis Spartan-like rejection of modern society rather than the cheap tabloid emotionalism fraught with accommodating it, Bly unleashed tirades of character assassination against his ideological opponent.

This media lynching and their FBI-mouthpiece unquestioning regurgitation of the prosecution story without doubts or query remain the establishment view of the case, unchanged or truly investigated, as of this writing, for at least three years.

It seems that Kaczynski had the opportunity to knock the chair out from under his prosecutors and the FBI in the first few days of his incarceration. But he refused to do so, swimming under the thick psychoanalytic soup of psychoactive chemicals, administered under the guise of “medication.”

While Kaczynski may have been demoralized that the entire radical environmental movement chose to sit out the first several weeks of his arrest, stroking their Internet keyboards instead of camping in front of the Helena prison, an individualist like Kaczynski would not necessarily be devastated or paralyzed by the failings on the part of potential supporters.

Arrested and brought before a howling mob of media ghouls for arraignment on the Christian “Holy Thursday” (the night preceding Christ’s trial and crucifixion), Kaczynski was led through what police term a “perp walk.”

His detachment, the traces of an enigmatic smile, and the look of pity which he cast upon that mob marked him as a most unusual, perhaps even archetypal figure; though the media characterized his demeanor as “arrogant.”

As for his alleged guilt, it should be recalled that the “Unabomber” is an FBI concoction. The grouping of various bombings since 1978 under the “Unabom” nomenclature is their invention. No credible evidence has been put forth to link Kaczynski to all or even most of these cowardly and reprehensible bombings.

The most prominent sketch of an alleged “Unabom” suspect by a witness emanated from the 1987 bombing of a computer store in Salt Lake City. It depicts a hooded man with sunglasses, a mustache and curly red hair. It bears no resemblance to Kaczynski.

The drawing was executed by forensic artist Jeanne Boylan, an FBI contract employee. The female witness who provided the details upon which the drawing is based apparently could not identify Kaczynski as the man she saw in I987.

Invoking Catastrophe

In the New Jersey adman bombing of Thomas J. Mosser in New Jersey, the so-called “Unabomber” used the alias “H.C. Wickle.” The Son of Sam used the alias “Wicked King Wicker” and the root of both the words Wickle and Wicker is wick, which in turn is a derivative of the Old English word wicca, meaning wizard, of which the feminine is wicce (literally, witch).

The “Unabomber,” at least since his fatal bombing of Dec. 10, 1994 in which Mr. Mosser was killed, would seem to be signaling to occult initiates and those who understand the “twilight” or cant language of the cryptocracy, that this attack was part of a symbolic process.

In occult crimes the objective is not linear, that is to say, is not solely bound to the achievement of the immediate effects of the attack on the victim, but may in fact be a part of a larger, symbolic ritual magnified by the power of the electronic media, for the purpose of the alchemical processing of the subconscious Group Mind of the masses.

If we are observing a ritual working, we should be looking for relevant synchronicities (coincidences that have meaning) in the days following “Unabom’s” explosive attacks, which would form a pattern, on the hypothesis that his bombing is the Introit to a kind of public, subliminal Black Mass that plays for days.

Consciously we don’t apprehend the connection, but our subconscious may, and it is the subconscious that is being addressed in occult ritual, in a process CIA behavioral scientist Dr. Ewen Cameron termed “psychic driving.”

Like other Group Mind imprinting, such as the Son of Sam series, the “Unabomber” has a high media profile as a communicator, as someone having a message for the masses.

For example, in June of 1993, the so-called “Unabomber” sent two package bombs in the week that the movie Jurassic Park premiered in theatres. The movie focused on the impact of two advanced technologies—genetic engineering and parallel computing.

The first package exploded on June 22, in the hands of University of California geneticist Charles Epstein. Two days later, Yale University computer scientist David Gelertner was bombed. Both men were seriously injured. Gelertner’s magnum opus is the previously cited Mirror Worlds (Oxford University Press, 1991), detailing a process for counterfeiting the natural world.

The FBI is known to be deeply involved in psychological analysis and manipulation of “criminals” under the general category of “profiling,” which presupposes special insight into deranged minds and the ability to control such minds. In the hands of the federal government, would such powers of control be necessarily benevolent?

At Waco the FBI used their behavioral and “profiling” departments to attempt to drive the Branch Davidian church members and their children to suicide at all hours, day and night, by directing powerful lights at them and broadcasting the sounds of Tibetan Bon Sorcerer chants and even audio recordings of rabbits and pigs being slaughtered.

According to the March 2, 1987 issue of the Los Angeles Times (p. 9), FBI “specialists in motivation” were assigned to the “Unabom” case. Is it far-fetched to wonder who these experts were going to “motivate”?

The “Unabomber s” enmity against Thomas J. Mosser exploded on Saturday, December 10, 1994, and was said to be motivated by Mosser serving advertising clients Digital Equipment Corporation and IBM.

On Monday, December 12, 1994, two days after the “Unabomber” allegedly killed advertising executive Mosser, on Mosser-Unabom +2, FBI agent David A. Priarone, 45, an eleven-year veteran of the agency, entered the public promenade at the World Financial Center in Manhattan, and at exactly 12:45 PM raised his 9mm handgun to his right temple and pulled the trigger.

FBI spokesman Joseph Valiquette refused to discuss what case the deceased agent was assigned at the time of his “suicide.” “Were not prepared to talk about what he worked on,” the FBI spokesman said.

Also on Mosser-Unabom +2, December 12, 1994, IBM dropped a “bomb” of its own, announcing that a “bug” in Intel’s Pentium microprocessor caused mathematical errors of such significant frequency and severity that it was halting sales of all computers containing the Intel chip.

As a result of IBM’s announcement, newspaper headlines declared, “Confusion among PC Buyers” and referred to doubts about “the integrity of data calculated on IBM PCs.”

While chaos and confusion grew among the nation’s computer buyers, on December 13, Mosser-Unabom + 3, one of the worst explosions in the history of U.S. agribusiness, struck the Terra Industries nitrogen-fertilizer facility in the heartland near Salix, Iowa. (Terra is a Latin word for Earth.)

The cause of the explosion is unknown. Where a seven story building once stood, it left only a crater. The blast was felt 30 miles away. It twisted steel beams and tossed one such beam 500 yards.

“This is worse than any tornado I’ve seen as far as destruction,” said Salix fire chief Gerold Smith. Four people were killed and eighteen injured. A deadly chemical cloud was released, forcing the evacuation of 1,700 people in several towns.

On Mosser-Unabom + 4, December 14, 1994, a massive power outage hit eight states in the West, leaving millions of people without electricity. A 500,000-volt power grid crisscrossing the western U.S. was incapacitated knocking out power to portions of California, Washington, Utah, Oregon, Montana and Nevada.

Utility officials had no idea what caused the blackout or where it originated. Arizona Public Service Co. had no reports of outages but they “had things like traffic lights going on and off for no reason,” said Lynne Adams, utility spokeswoman.

Again on Mosser-Unabom + 4, December 14, 1994, just after 9AM on the last day of a class on the history of ancient Greece, in a subterranean room beneath the State University of Albany’s central quadrangle campus, a rifle-wielding student who claimed to have a microchip implanted in his brain took the class hostage, shooting one youth in the leg. He was eventually subdued by the students. As police led 26-year-old Ralph Tortorici away, he shouted to a crowd of bystanders, “Stop government experimentation!”

Also on Mosser-Unabom + 4, December 14, 1994, just before noon, a Lear 35 jet, which was carrying secret electronic surveillance equipment, and was supposedly being used by the California National Guard for “war games,” crashed into an apartment building near Fresno. The crash killed two people, destroyed 10 cars and 18 apartment units, and cut power in portions of central California.

According to the Pentagon, the jet was being used as a target in a war game maneuver. The cause of the crash was officially listed as unknown.

In the following year the New York Times and Washington Post, which reject dozens of terrorist demands, especially from Arabs, and the publication of sundry manifestos, nevertheless published the “Unabom” manifesto in the Washington Post of September 19, 1995, underwritten in part by the Times.

The publication of anonymous occult manifestos is as old as the “chemical wedding” tracts of the Rosicrucians. The alchemical Son of Sam statements were also published by the New York Daily News.

Occult crimes are profoundly symbolic and are in some instances so constructed in order that they might have what Freemason Anton Mesmer called “charm”—the ability to attract additional symbolism and synchronicity, triggering a contagion in time and space which generates catastrophic events of ritual significance. The symbols and twilight language attached to them are charmed spin-offs from the primary rite of invocation.

A conspirologist might conclude that the numerous catastrophes that occurred in the immediate wake of the “Unabom” attacks were perpetrated by human agents of the “Unabom” conspiracy. But the nature of the primary ritual working is such that not every chain of catastrophe can be linked to direct human agency. Symbolic and synchronistic invocation provides the means by which catastrophic contagion is put in motion. The primary “Unabom” ritual unfolds by the invocation of remarkably meaningful “coincidence.”

The alchemical processing of humans is performed with the props of time and space: significant ritual in significant areas seems to “bend” reality. In its most sub-rosa signification, wicker/wicca/witchcraft is said to be the end result of the bending of reality.

How is reality bent? By the placing of ritual props in ceremonial places. These places exist both in the mind and in physical space.

That’s what “wicker” means in its most subterranean signification. Wicca (witchcraft) is just a description of the end-result of the function of bending reality.

Cereal Killers

The term “serial killer” ushered in the suggestion that there might be method to this madness and that the method had something to do with the occult.

This is the prop that is placed in the Group or “dreaming mind” of the masses. Being programmed—while you are awake—by symbols of which you are unconscious, is essentially a description of mass hypnosis.

Having placed a ritual prop in the Group Mind, it is necessary to place it in physical space as well. In the case of our serial killer “Unabom,” the ceremonial prop in physical space is established by sending a bomb to a U.C. Berkeley electrical engineering professor named Diogenes Anelakos, who was injured by a “Unabom” package in 1982.

The other ritual “Unabom” link must be to time; to bend our time by invoking the time of the history of ancient Greece.

Arcadia was an exceedingly antique region of Greece which predated the rise of the city states of Athens and Sparta. Arcadia was an ecological paradise, existing before Terra ran down with the thermodynamics of pollution and decay.

Arcadia’s principal attributes are pastoral, romantic and feminine and its principal symbol is the underground, specifically an underground gnosis symbolized by a subterranean river.

In Arcadia the reign of the Mother Goddess survived longer than in any other area of Greece. She was personified by Demeter, the goddess of grain. To bring present-day humanity into the time of vegetative Arcadia in occult lore requires human sacrifice; that is, ceremonial immolation, or as it is known in modern parlance, “serial murder.”

The dreaming Group Mind, upon hearing the words “serial murder” or pronouncing them in conversation, is not perceiving them in the textual abstract but in the oral-primal, the phonetic domain of dreams. Therefore what is being invoked in the mind of the masses when the words, “serial murder” are broadcast is not “serial” murder but “cereal” murder. Demeter, the goddess of Arcadia, is alternately known as Ceres, from whence the word “cereal” is derived.

“Unabom,” a cereal murderer, sent an explosive package to Diogenes Anelakos.

Diogenes was a Greek who wandered across the earth with a lamp in his hand, searching for one honest man, such as the individual who took over the underground, ancient Greek history class December 14, 1994 to shout, “Stop government experimentation!” and who announced that something was implanted in his brain.

The strategic command symbols for the “Unabom” process emanate from the twilight language of the religious rites in honor of Demeter and Ceres.

The Unabom ceremony is at the center of an apocalyptic process of reversal which accelerates decay and decrepitude, “blackening” rather than “greening” the earth, empowered by the “once and future” space/time alchemy described in atomic physics: “Time relations among events are assumed to be first constituted by the specific physical relations obtaining between them.”

Uninitiated materialists (“cowans” in masonic parlance) will deny even the possibility that there is a connection between “Unabom” and the catastrophes I have listed.

Such persons may, however, wish to consult the praxis behind those portions not classified as secret, of the burgeoning scientific literature on the mathematical modeling theory that purports to predict catastrophes, especially as found in the “catastrophe theory” of Warwick University’s Christopher Zeeman.

Last Chance Gulch

Many questions remain. Is digital computer technology the enemy of rural Arcadian ecology or is computer technology evolving a method for visualizing the epiphany of the mystics (i.e., the fundamental illusion at the core of the material world), by means of a “virtuality” which demonstrates, by corollary, the trick behind the manifestation that is the physical universe?

In other words, by some blessed serendipity, is our Promethean ambition for machine gnosis and the supremacy of the mind, leading us precisely to the point where we will see the emptiness of our desire?

Or is the computer inherently the deadly enemy of humanity, piling ever thicker layers of material illusion, fraud, and artifice?

Is there a third force operant here—neither Arcadian or materialistic—a prankster element that balances and processes the processors against their will?

How much of all of this is used, understood, or controlled by the federal government and secret societies?

Studying how the cryptocracy fabricates and packages the “Unabom” ritual on the stage of public affairs, reveals a virtuoso performance of masonic psychodrama, wherein terror, symbolism and code language synthesize to form the alchemical elixir for the processing of humanity.

On November 13, 1995, USA Today, in a front page article guaranteed to keep the “Unabom” psychic pressure cooker on boil, referred to the case as a “masquerade,” and cited the “catastrophe theory” of Warwick’s Zeeman, while dubbing “Unabom” with a new moniker, “Robert V.”

The subtitle of the USA Today story headlined the mocking/jesting aspect of occult murder: “Unabomber must be laughing at us.”

The “us” referred to in the headline is not the media or the police, but the American people, who are being processed in a heavily promoted, public ritual. (Recall that the “Unabomber” had referred to the FBI as a “joke.”)

If the FBI’s behavioral “profiling” center is the Unabomber’s actual handler, then such a statement would constitute an inside joke, i.e., the ritual mockery of humanity by means of the revelation that the Unabomber attacks are actually a macabre charade intended to drag us further down into the System’s net of delusion.

Indeed, the advertisement which appeared beneath USA Today’s 1995 “laughing Unabomber” headline was for the “Intel Pentium Processor,” and on the front page, above an altered police sketch of “Unabomb,” appeared the headline, "The Net’s catching on.”

The pattern of “Unabom” catastrophe continued into the Kaczynski era. On March 25, 1996, just a little over a week before Kaczynski’s apprehension on April 3, “Freemen” came under FBI siege at Justus township in Jordan, Montana. The “Freemen” opposed banks, zip codes, social security numbers, license plates, and the other paraphernalia of government surveillance and control.

Like FBI agent David A. Priarone, who was shot to death in New York two days after the “Unabomber” killed Thomas Mosser in New Jersey, FBI agent Kevin Kramer was killed in Jordan, Montana eleven days after Kaczynski s capture in Lincoln. The only witness to his “accidental” death was an employee of NBC television.

This psychic melodrama reached operatic proportions when, according to USA Today, a bad moon risin greeted the day of Kaczynski’s apprehension on April 3—a lunar eclipse described in a headline as “Huge Darkened Sphere Rises On Eastern Horizon.”

Bad moon indeed, for on the day of Kaczynski’s capture, U.S. Commerce Secretary Ron Brown was among 33 people killed in a plane crash in Croatia. The crash was attributed to “1940s technology”—a radio magnetic indicator with which Air Force Lt. Col. Tom Perry said the computer-trained American pilots were not familiar. (A 1985 bombing attributed to “Unabom” wounded an Air Force pilot.)

Among the victims who had been aboard Secretary Browns jet were a veritable who’s who of “Unabom’s” professed enemies: a senior vice-president of AT&T, the chairman of Foster-Wheeler Energy, the executive vice president of Riggs Bank, and the CEO of the Parsons Corporation of Pasadena, California.

April 3 also saw radar fail twice at Pittsburgh International Airport. One hundred flights were delayed.

Kaczynski’s arraignment the next day, on one of the high holy days of the Christian calendar, Maundy Thursday, a day which represents the historic anniversary of the start of Christ’s trial and crucifixion, added an aura of stagecraft to this public ritual. Just as John F. Kennedy’s peregrination to his own fateful Golgatha in Dallas was first triggered by events in the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico; to reach the Helena, Montana courthouse, federal agents took Kaczynski through “Last Chance Gulch.”

Historically, areas that have witnessed great psychic ferment and upheaval have been referred to as “burned over districts.” The Finger Lakes region of upstate New York bears this nickname due to the waves of heterodox religious and cultic enthusiasm which have swept over it since colonial times.

Helena is also known as a “burned over” district. Montana’s capitol city is so called ostensibly for the major fires which have destroyed its city center over the years.

To ward off future fires, Helena constructed a work of sympathetic magic, the symbolic Atlas building located in its old downtown district. Perched atop this building is a statue of a large green salamander descending a lightning-rod-like pole. The salamander figure is guarded by two dragon figures, one on each side.

The salamander is an alchemical creature which possesses, among other legendary attributes, the ability to exist within fire. The Oxford English Dictionary quotes an old proverb, “Salamanders can live to eternity within the fire of God’s wrath.”

While the salamander perches atop the Helena structure, the building itself is symbolically upheld by a statue of the Greek Titan Atlas, the being said to bear the entire world on his back.

On Kaczynskis arraignment + 7, April 11, 1996, “the worst chemical spill in Montana history” occurred—a rail derailed 30 miles west of Lincoln, releasing 170,000 pounds of deadly chlorine gas. One man was killed and 105 people were hospitalized. Interstate U.S. 90 was closed. 500 people were evacuated. A ghostly cloud of the greenish-yellow gas, which was used to kill thousands during WWI, hovered like a toxic phantom in the Montana sky.

Other synchronicities and anomalies in the Unabom case include the claim, by a survivor of the San Francisco Zodiac slayings, that the Zodiac killer told the survivor he resided near Lincoln, Montana.

Further, Kaczynskis doctoral thesis in mathematics was titled, “Boundary Functions.” The town of Lincoln, where he resided, is located a few miles from North America’s great geographic boundary, the “Continental Divide.” Kaczynski’s brother David, who financed Ted between 1994 and 1995 with $3,000, lived in Schenectady, New York, a technological center of operations for General Electric.

In certain occult crime rituals a synchronic work of literature, usually fiction, appears before the crimes are perpetrated, serving as a virtual script. In the case of Patty Hearst and the Symbionese Liberation Army (a group which featured salamander symbolism), a book, Abducted, had been published before the SLA came to the fore, paralleling many incidents that would come to fruition in the activities of Hearst and her comrades.

In the case of Son of Sam, the British film, The Wicker Man, which premiered in the US. in 1974 and was screened in New York by a group called Abraxas in April of 1977, during the height of the frenzy of the Son of Sam killings.

A hit man who participated in both the Son of Sam and Double Initial murders, John Wheat Carr, signed himself, “Wicked King Wicker.” In the “Unabom” case the precursor literary work in question has a more prestigious literary pedigree. Joseph Conrad’s 1907 book, The Secret Agent, concerns a mad professor who lives in a tiny room, clothed in rags, while he builds a bomb with which he seeks to destroy the “idol of science.” “Joseph Conrad” was the literary nom-de-plume of the Polish writer Theodore Korzeniowski.

The late James Shelby Downard, the renowned occult investigator, offered guidance throughout most of my Unabom sleuthing. Mr. Downard noted that Kaczynski’s Mexican pen pal, Juan Sanchez, resided in the village of Ojinaga, the site of a cave complex known as “the Devil’s Home.” (Sanchez received a beautifully hand-carved pencil box from Kaczynski which bore the Latin inscription, Montani Semper Liberi (“Mountain men are always free”).

Mr. Downard also related that Ojinaga features a road constructed in a figure eight in honor of the Aztec bat god, which, legend has it, descended to earth at Ojinaga, by means of the “Eight Thread.”

At the preliminaries for his 1998 murder trial in Sacramento, Kaczynski was denied the attorney of his choice, San Francisco radical lawyer Tony Serra, who presumably would have mounted an ideological defense that may have resulted in disclosure of federal entrapment or conspiracy.

Instead, Federal Judge Garland E. Burrell, Jr. continued to saddle Kaczynski with two federally employed California “defense” attorneys, Quin Denvir and Judy Clarke, who had taken over from Donahoe and Gallagher, and who were convinced of their client’s guilt and intended to defend him by arguing that he was guilty but insane.

At that juncture, the defendant allegedly balked and bargained a guilty plea in return for life imprisonment instead of the death penalty. With that plea bargain, which was granted by the prosecution in spite of an allegedly air-tight case, the spectre of an adversarial defense, and a trial packed with revelations subversive of the FBl/media script, was rendered null and void. In accepting Kaczynskis guilty plea on all counts on January 20, 1998, Judge Burrell questioned Kaczynski as to whether he was under the influence of drugs or medication at that time or for 24 hours preceding his guilty plea.

Note that Judge Burrell limited his query concerning Kaczynski’s “medication” to a period of only the prior 24 hours. Drugs such as Prozac, however, when ingested over a lengthy period (such as several weeks) can remain in the bloodstream and affect thinking and judgment for at least two days.

A more astute judge would have asked the defendant, “What drugs have you been taking or what medication has been prescribed for you throughout your incarceration?” Burrell’s failure to do so opens the door to the possibility that Kaczynski may have been drugged or medicated while in custody.

According to the Sacramento Bee, at his May 4 sentencing, Kaczynski read a brief statement attacking a lengthy document filed by prosecutors last week that detailed his methods and motives, calling it “clearly political” and a misrepresentation of facts of the case.

Specifically, Kaczynski said, “My statement will be very brief. A few days ago the government filed a sentencing memorandum, the purpose of which was clearly political. By discrediting me personally, they hope to discredit the idea expressed by the Unabomber. In reality, the government has discredited itself.

“The sentencing memorandum contains false statements, distorted statements and statements that mislead by omitting important facts. At a later time I expect to respond at length to the sentencing memorandum and also the many other falsehoods that have been propagated about me. Meanwhile, I only ask that people reserve their judgment about me and about the Unabom case until all the facts have been made public.”

Among the numerous hateful statements attributed to Kaczynski in the government’s May 4 sentencing memorandum, there was quite a show of proving each assertion about Kaczynski by elaborate reference to various evidentiary documents.

However, in that portion of the memorandum where the U.S. Attorney states, “it is clear that Kaczynski plotted and carried out his crimes alone,” no evidence or documentation of any kind is cited.

Processing the Group Mind

By means of occult public rituals disguised as random terrorism or serial murder, we are controlled and processed. The language of symbolism is used to speak to our subconscious; to reveal to us the exact opposite of what is propounded by the System in its rational discourse.

During the excitement leading up to Kaczynski’s sentencing in Sacramento, the Hollywood film, U.S. Marshals, starring Tommy Lee Jones, debuted in theaters across the country. At the heart of the cinematic intrigue was a complex double-cross centered on a Federal agent named “Kaczynski.” In the movie, the Kaczynski character is set-up and then killed by another Federal agent.

Was Ted Kaczynski set-up by what he came to regard as an “omnipotent organization” against which he felt “powerless”?

In the sub-rosa twilight language in which the government’s own behavioral profilers and psychological warfare practitioners traffic, the answer would appear to be yes.

In the lexicon of the twilight language there is a word for Ted Kaczynski. That word jumps off any topographic map of the Lincoln, Montana region and is displayed in lights in downtown Lincoln, Kaczynski’s adopted hometown.

This word for Kaczynski—which the Truth or Consequences principle has placed in front of the Group Mind like a billboard on Broadway—is linked to the incontrovertible record of catastrophes which attended some “Unabomb” disasters, which also occurred on the day of his capture and in the aftermath of his arraignment.

Kaczynski’s surrender to his captors on April 3, 1996 occurred in the geodetic realm at the nodal point of The Scapegoat, at Lincoln, Montana, home of the 80,697-acre Scapegoat Wilderness, the Scapegoat Eatery and a human scapegoat, an Atlas whose “shrug” continues to reverberate in the consciousness of the Group Mind of America mystica.

I have not ascertained whether Kaczynskis role in the “Unabom” charade was peripheral or pivotal, but I believe his handlers had contact with him long before his arrest, and that they manipulated and shepherded him and then apprehended him on cue.

I believe this was performed in coordination with other acts they were invoking as part of a ceremony which reverses the fertility rites of the ancients, blackening the earth with ever greater pollution, while attempting to subdue the intractable spirit of Terra anima itself, just as they have harnessed boundary-breaker Dr. Theodore Kaczynski, who languishes in a maximum security prison for our sins, ecological and social.

Kaczynskis “tell-all” book, which was set to be published but later quashed by New Yorker Beau Friedlander, would also seem to fit an old pattern.

During the investigation into the murder by Freemasons of writer William Morgan in New York in the early 19th century, certain principals in the case exhibited what at the time was called “masonic apoplexy.”

When intense judicial investigation was focused upon them they had little or nothing to say and some even committed suicide. After the trail had gone cold and the intensity of public interest had diminished somewhat, the “spell” was seemingly lifted and they lucidly articulated certain radical truths about the crime and its perpetrators.

James Shelby Downard referred to a similar pattern in the aftermath of the assassination of John F. Kennedy which he termed “cryonic”—a freeze/thaw process of control of how events are perceived, as part of a larger alchemical process of “Revelation of the Method,” which I discuss at length in my book, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare.

By this process, principles remain strangely mute at the critical moment when their testimony could have served as part of an ongoing prosecution case, such as occurred during New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison’s investigation.

Then later, when the criminal case is closed, the trail cold and competing accounts and “solutions” swirl in the media like mid-winter snowflakes, witnesses and principals come forward with radical truths about the facts of the crime, but which are nonetheless treated as either self-serving yarns or merely one among dozens of competing, equally compelling “conspiracy theories.”

Ted Kaczynski may have had a number of opportunities during his pre-trial incarceration and legal hearings to plead innocent, to refuse to plea bargain and to speak at length and in detail at the climax of the Unabom rite, his sentencing in Sacramento, where he might have spoken for the official court record and before the world media concerning what actually had transpired.

Like so many ritual scapegoats before him, he did not. Perhaps, due to the administration by the authorities of some pharmaceutical substance or digital implant, he could not.

Are there grounds for assuming that Kaczynski is no longer subject to his Federal handlers, and that he has somehow managed to recover some shred of intellectual autonomy in the Federal-Benthamite, panopticon dungeon in which he is entombed in Florence, Colorado?

If there are, and Kaczynski is successful in his purported endeavor to delineate “truth versus lies,” at this point in time the thawing of the once-frozen facts may itself be a prescribed part of the Unabomb ritual, serving to further prime the Arcadian stream that feeds the cryptocracy’s eternal psychodrama, as part of its final riddle, the “Must Be” stage of alchemical transformation, the “Making Manifest of all that is Hidden.”


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