Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Indesinence - Vessels of Light and Decay (2012)

Now this is how you write "old school death metal"!

A lot of blogs and reviewers out there persist on labeling Indesinence a 'funeral' band. Where that moniker may or may not fit their older material, Indesinence have pretty much sloughed off that misleading representation like the surface of an Ebola victim's tongue. What you have here is grade A death metal that could easily have been churned fourth during the early 90's. More than once I was reminded of Benediction (UK) while listening to this album. Fret not though doomsayers, there are indeed plenty of slower passages tunneled throughout the duration of this release, but I'd hardly call it a "funeral" album.

While a lot of disillusioned folks out there are content with awkwardly channeling their inner Autopsy or Incantation, Indesinence are one of those rarities that truly bring me back to the old days without mindlessly (and erroneously) aping a proven formula to get their point across. Bravo.

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