Monday, October 15, 2012

Uncle Ronnie's Sex Slaves

by: Robert Sterling

There was a time when reports of ritual sexual abuse—particularly those involving the military/industrial/intelligence complex and its invocation of Satan—only found their way to the periphery of conspiracy research.

Times have changed. Reports of sexual exploitation with a parapolitical twist now occupy a center stage of the con theory circus. And for good reason. The quality investigative skills of several underground writers leave little doubt of validity to some of these reports.

But a mutant strain of this literature has developed, creating its own bandwagon. These are the testimonials of ritual abuse victims, all testifying to their enslavement to the New World Order by way of freaky sex with politicians and celebrities.

Leading the brigade is Cathy O’Brien, who in 1995 published Trance Formation of America, the giant of the genre. O’Brien claims that from birth, in 1957, she was trained and controlled to be a “Presidential Model,” that is, a sex slave for Presidents and other high-ranking officials. For several fabulous years an uncontested champion of Sex Slave victimization, selling tens of thousands of her books and videos, as well as a speaker drawing big crowds of Christians, patriots, and Christian patriots, Cathy O’Brien now has a worthy competitor in Brice Taylor, the pseudonym of Susan Ford, who in 1999 released her own memoirs, Thanks for the Memories.*

After suffering horrible torture and abuse at the hands of countless famous politicians and celebrities, both O’Brien and Taylor declare of being spoken to by Jesus Christ, whose glorious powers healed them of all trauma and left them immune to further manipulation. That said, they both proceed to expose all the juicy details of the ungodly perversions they were forced into, naming names and leaving little to the imagination.

The sex slave tomes elicit extreme reactions. Many nod unquestioningly at their outrageous stories and react violently to anyone who questions their accounts. Others are disgusted by what they perceive as reckless character assassinations, and take the books as proof that reports of sexual abuse are hysteria motivated by false memories. Or the need to make money and attention.

People argue about the parapolitical dynamics or motivations of the sex slave genre, but no one has yet analyzed their aesthetic value. Cathy O’Brien and Brice Taylor enjoy relatively large followings because, true or false, politically relevant or not, their stories make for the most titillating and sordid one-hand readers known to mankind.

My pedophile father, Earl O’Brien, brags that he began substituting his penis for my mother’s nipple soon after I was born. My multi-generational incest-abused mother, Carol Tanis, did not protest his perverse actions due to (reportedly) having similar abuse as a child which caused her to acquire Multiple Personality Disorder. My earliest recovered memory was that I could not breathe with my father’s penis jammed into my little throat. Yet I could not discern his semen from my mother’s milk.

These opening sentences of Trance Formation are to sex slave literature what the opening four notes of Beethoven’s Fifth symphony are to Western music. And, like Beethoven’s Fifth, the melody of Trance Formation continues, constantly repeating the same pattern, yet with so many unusual harmonies and variations that one is compelled to read further, hungry for that explosive and satisfying finale.

While anecdotes of familial rape are an enjoyable subject, Cathy O’Brien is quite aware that people crave to read about the strange sexual desires of celebrities even more.

Most porn flicks waste a good five minutes at the start on such obtuse concepts as plot and dialogue. O’Brien cuts to the chase and proves her brilliant instincts for providing the reader exactly what s/he desires. True, Chapter One (subtitled “My Introduction to Humanity”) begins on page 81, after 42 pages of pictures and documents, as well as a way-too-long explanation of CIA mind control, but the obligatory data can be easily identified and skipped.

On page 82, after linking her abuse to the Vatican and pornographers in the Michigan Mafia, Cathy trots out future President Gerald Ford. According to Cathy, Ford was not the bumbling fool Chevy Chase portrayed on Saturday Night Live, or the opportunistic FBI informant involved in the JFK cover-up as portrayed in conspiracy literature, but rather a perverted Mafia porn king. Soon, Ford is tag-teaming with GOP leader Guy Vanderjagt on Cathy’s third-grade field trip to the state capitol. They laugh while placing a small American flag in her ass so she can wave it, saying, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

In her younger days, Cathy is importuned to regularly screw a priest (who, with biting wit, describes her as “a good Cathy-lick”) and joins a Catholic school. And after he becomes president, Ford brutally rapes Cathy in her schoolgirl uniform after unzipping his pants, pulling out his cock, demanding that she “pray on this.”

Cathy O’Brien’s connection to Ford continues as she is regularly abused by Richard Cheney, the Chief of Staff and future Secretary of Defense under George Bush. Cheney goes by the name “Dick” due to his overlarge penis, a claim on which Cathy places special emphasis, particularly when Cheney is said to violently slam her snatch at the end of a Most Dangerous Game-inspired human hunt turned sex romp.

Cathy tells us of an arranged marriage to cover her sex slave status to closet Satanist Senator Robert Byrd. Byrd, who even the mainstream media admits is a “former” KICK member. Exciting scenes depict Senator Byrd raping Cathy and her two-year-old daughter Kelly, and becoming enraged when he discovers that Cathy’s prolific “services” were used by African-American country singer (and CIA agent) Charley Pride, and Trance Formation tells of Byrd savagely beating them for being on the wrong side of the black country star’s penis.

A frequent sojourn in the book are trips to sex slave training camp in Youngstown, known as “Charm School.” Part of Cathy’s training there includes “bestiality lessons”—being chained to an animal altar while being fucked by a donkey, dogs, cats, snakes, and a pony (charmingly named Trigger). Pennsylvania Governor Dick Thornburgh screws her regularly, revealing a fetish for pissing on his sexual partners. Cathy also meets Kris Kristofferson, who besides being an actor and country singer, is a “Vatican-based Project Monarch slave runner.” He electroshocks her during sex, and is said to nearly strangle Cathy with his penis, though the book unfortunately fails to explain how he accomplished this impressive feat.

During the Reagan years of the go-go ’80s, Cathy has her most surreal moments. “Uncle Ronnie” (as she calls him) introduces her to George Bush, then Vice President, who speaks to her in a voice that intentionally mimics Mister Rogers—a claim that almost has a ring of truth. Bush uses the songs “Ghostbusters” and “Every Breath You Take” to further brainwash her (apparently Bush was hipper to pop culture than he pretended), and transforms himself into a lizard alien before her eyes, which, frankly, explains quite a bit.

Later on, while strung out on heroin with Cheney, Bush tries to convince Donkey Dick to experiment with pedophilia on Cathy’s daughter, Kelly, but, “Upon seeing Cheney’s unusually large penis, Kelly reeled back in horror.” Bush himself takes young Kelly to his bedroom, asking for the liquid cocaine atomizer, which Cheney assumes is to thoughtfully numb her. Bush replies, “The hell it is. It’s for me.” He then adds a wicked punchline: “Half the fun is having them squirm.”

For those looking for interesting election issues, George W. was also involved in the shenanigans. According to Cathy, he “had never shown any interest in me sexually. Like his father, he had only shown sexual interest in Kelly, who had been away with him most of the day.” Hanging out with baseball celebrities and drug kingpins Tommy Lasorda and Nolan Ryan, Georgie boy quips, “Have a ball.” A pre-SlimFast Lasorda chimes in, “Speaking of balls, mine could use a little attention here.” Cathy is obligated to give Lasorda a blowjob while he rests his repulsively bloated belly on her head, and two horny dogs (which earlier in the day she had been forced to fuck in a bestiality porno flick) enter the room, desiring more good loving.

Naturally, Ronald Reagan gets a crack at her as well, and this leads to the book’s most unconvincing moment: while the image of George Bush as a Satanic, perverted Mister Rogers clone who transforms himself into a reptilian entity seems eerily plausible, Cathy’s description of Reagan as a competent man in charge who actually understood the entire Iran-Contra operation is clearly crackpot. Nonetheless, she does make one accusation of particular note: he enjoys bestiality porno flicks (often supplied to him by Hustler’s Larry Flynt) and so much so that they are known as “Uncle Ronnie’s Bedtime Stories.”

In case the reader starts thinking only Republican Presidents are Satanic sex fiends, O’Brien includes a chapter titled “Clinton Coke Lines” that leaves little doubt that deviant perversion is a bipartisan affair. Sadly, this is the one case where the official story has exceeded her own description: nothing she writes can match the Starr Report’s image of Monica Lewinsky using her vagina as a humidor for Slick Willie’s cigars. By comparison, Cathy’s description of Bill as a coke-snorting redneck who enjoys homosexual orgies seems rather vanilla. Still, she does provide a rather vivid glimpse of potential New York Senator Hillary: aroused by Cathy and her now mutilated vagina, Lady Macbeth begins licking her out, then gasps, “Eat me, oh God, eat me now.” This leads to a lesbo munch-out obligatory to any porn flick.

All this is but a sampling of the sexual exploits O’Brien and her daughter endure. Listing all the names involved would be tedious, but highlights include brothers Bob and William Bennett (fascist finger-wagging Book of Virtues editor and Bush’s Drug Czar), who gangbang the very young Kelly. Cathy also spends many pages linking CIA mind control and sexual assaults to country music, alleging that Barbara Mandrell and her sisters (as well as Loretta Lynn) are brainwashed slaves. Predators in the field include Lee Greenwood, Jimmy Buffett and Boxcar Willie—who earns special recognition as an icon of evil, being a vicious pedophile and cocaine baron for the CIA-Mafia.

Some may think that such sensationalistic claims would be difficult—if not impossible—to top for jaw-dropping effects. They’d be wrong.

Brice Taylor may not be the Alpha of sex slave authors, but she currently occupies the Omega spot. What she lacks in originality, she more than makes up for in excess.
Brice doesn’t start with a bang like Cathy does, but once she gets involved in a multitude of fancy underage fuck-sucks, she’s off to the races. After growing up in a mind-controlled family (and being frequently programmed and brainwashed at a military base), Brice is sold as a sex slave to Bob Hope before her fifth birthday (hence the book’s title, a trademark phrase of the alleged comedian). Tastefully, Bob holds off on sampling his prize, telling his young slave, “I’m going to be your man, but we’ll have to talk more about this later . . . when you’re a little older.” In the meantime, Brice is sexually abused by members of her family, and is groomed for high level abuse, as no less than Henry Kissinger begins to play mind control tricks on her via telephone.

Brice soon gets to some precocious celebrity bopping, and her first predator is none other than Walt Disney, who rapes her at Disneyland after personally introducing himself on Main Street. Escorting Brice away from her family, Walt assaults her on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Abuses at Disneyland would become an annual ritual for her, and she wasn’t safe from attack anywhere in the Magic Kingdom—violated at the Matterhorn, the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House, and even It’s a Small World.

In the early ’60s, the pre-teen Taylor wasn’t too young for JFK, who bangs her regularly during his brief Presidency on secret trips she takes to D.C. Eventually, she screws all the Kennedy brothers (with Ted becoming one of her most violent and sadistic persecutors) and, later on, a 12-year-old JFK Jr.

Apparently Marilyn Monroe wasn’t enough for the Camelot President, and as for Jackie O, he complains to Brice, “My wife doesn’t satisfy me. She just lays back and waits.” Fortunately, President Kennedy was quite gratifying for nine-year-old Brice, as she notes, “JFK had a lean muscular body and a hairy chest.” He really got off on anal sex, and once she sucked him off in the back of a limo, “backing off just before he orgasmed.” He responds by running his tongue over her belly, saying, “I love young, firm tummies.”

Less enjoyable was LBJ, to whom Brice was programmed to say, “Hey Prez, got a big boner for my little pussy today?” This turned Johnson on, who would start kissing and licking her. (“Yuck, it was gross,” is how she describes the encounters.) Richard Nixon was a bit more amusing than the Texan, and she accompanies him on trips to China, the USSR and the Far East. At one GOP party, Tricky Dick breaks away from Pat to sneak a quickie. During the dreary months of Watergate, young Brice would cheer him up with fabulous sex.

Meanwhile, Hope began taking her along on his USO tours, as well as his celebrity parties. At many of Bob’s parties there were no rules, no restrictions, no boundaries: “Sex was allowed anywhere and everywhere.” When the parties were over, he liked her to sit on his lap to feed him See’s candy, followed by what he called “his favorite piece of ass.” As he would inform her, “You’re just a wind-up doll—a toy for my pleasure, and don’t forget it!” Hope begins loaning Brice out to others, including Senator Alan Cranston (who was “Bob’s right-hand political man in California”) and future Governor Pete Wilson. Cranston was into spanking her, and she describes him as a “bony, old, evil man.” About Wilson, she states, “Pete was in good shape physically and had a little more than average share of penile endowment.” The Republican ex-guv thought Brice had a great ass, and liked to nibble her body from head to toe.

Bob Hope wasn’t the only one pawning out Brice Taylor’s poon: Kissinger, who would take her on trips around the world, would use her as bait for power elites, often to get them in compromising positions. Among these lucky power players were Prince Philip and Prince Charles, Alan Greenspan, Lee Iacocca (whom she deep throated on his Lear Jet) and the Rockefellers.

The list of celebrities she later boffed would fill an entire season of special guest stars on The Simpsons. Some of the highlights: Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin and mob goons “Uncle” Frank Sinatra and Jimmy the Greek, Neil Diamond, James Taylor, Charlton Heston, Kareem Abdul-Jabbaar, and both Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon. One happy winter holiday season, amateur Santa Hope gave her for the day to a drunk Bing Crosby as a gift, who was delighted. As instructed, she says to him “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas,” then winks and orally satisfies the crooner. Hawaiian singer Don Ho uses Brice to fulfill rape fantasies. One time, she plays "Goldilocks and the Three Bears” with Dean Martin, Gene Kelly and Mickey Rooney. (Of course, this doesn’t fully satisfy Rooney, who was a pedophile, and who would later find more pleasure with Brice’s young daughter—who, interestingly enough, is named Kelly just like Cathy O’Brien’s daughter.)

Perhaps Brice’s finest tale concerns her exploits with Sylvester Stallone, whose addiction to coke and sex earn him the code name “Animal.” Looking at Brice’s 13-year-old daughter, Sly comments that she looks like a young Bo Derek. “Bob has good taste,” he notes, as he bangs Kelly while mind-controlled Brice feeds him more coke. Whacked-out and aroused by the mother-daughter three-way, Stallone rambles: “There’s nothing quite like a slave. I love getting them from the underground. You’re all so cooperative, don’t give me no shit. This is the life I tell ya’. No bitchy, demanding women, not when I can have beautiful, sweet, white women who set me free. It’s all about freedom.” Then, in a patriotic fervor, Sly praises “America the Beautiful and the home of the brave.” The greatest kick achieved by Rocky is when he films both Brice and Kelly in “Dolphin Porn,” or videos of women boned by dolphins in the ocean.

Brice tells of lying in the sack with Elvis, though she notes that the King was a victim as well, controlled by the Mob with drugs and mind manipulation. Presley isn’t alone in this, as other celebrity victims of mind control include Michael Jackson, Jane Fonda, Barbra Streisand, and Lady Di.

Naturally, Brice and Kelly do all the usual Presidential suspects: Gerald Ford (who enjoys the fact that Brice’s real last name is Ford as well), Reagan and George Bush (whose taste for pedophilic lust was so strong, genetically engineered children like Kelly—designed by specification for his arousal—were nicknamed “Bush babies”). The Clintons also double team her, and she swallows the robotic A1 Gore’s schlong. To Gore’s credit, he did “Just Say No” to coke. Likewise, Brice does state for the record that Jimmy Carter was out of the Satanic sex loop.

Keep in mind, these are but the highlights of Thanks for the Memories. As with Trance Formation, limited space requires a Cliff’s Notes description of the chronicles. As wild as the abridged version sounds, the actual books exceed all hype for mind-blowing mind-controlled adventures. To say that these two books own a unique place in the literary spectrum would be an understatement. Yet, as unique as they are, there is a historical bloodline for the NWO sex slave genre that can be followed.

There are others who have tales involving similar exploits, including a small clique of women who tour the conspiracy lecture circuit repeating testimonies (most notably Cisco Wheeler and Arizona Wilder). These tales seem linked to Michelle Remembers, a book that details one womans supposed abuse by a Satanic coven. Splinter versions of this fringe topic, most notably tales of the Montauk Project, links CIA mind control and pedophilia to time travel, Nazis and the Philadelphia Experiment (a purported WWII military test involving Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and Aleister Crowley). There is even a branch that leads straight to the JFK assassination in the works of T. Casey Brennan, a former comic book writer who states he was involved in the shooting as a teenager, after being brainwashed by David Ferrie (the creepy character played by Joe Pesci in Oliver Stones movie).

Nor are these stories without precedent: before Cathy O’Brien was a known entity, model Candy Jones was the subject of a credible book published in 1976 by Playboy Press, about her years as an alleged unwitting Manchurian Candidate. Another classic in the study of mind manipulation is Operation Mind Control, written by Walter Bowart (who, in an unfortunate blow to his credibility, wrote the forward to Brice Taylor’s book).

Still, none of the aforementioned early works really capture the true appeal of Trance Formation and Thanks for the Memories. Just what is it about these books that strike a chord, both positive and negative, with others?

The stock answer by those who reject the books as bogus sources is that they are disinformation, written specifically to incite the emotions in crowds through manipulative deception. There is much to this explanation, but to fully comprehend it, one first must understand the idea of disinformation.

Effective disinformation is never an absolute lie. The purpose of disinformation is to confuse truth and validity, and to do so, bold-faced lies are rarely convincing. Effective disinformation mixes truth and deception to obfuscate the two. The closer disinformation approaches truth, the more damning it becomes. Then all the disinformation, even the legitimate parts, discredits targeted research and ideas.

At the time of the release of Trance Formation, there was a growing awareness in the conspiracy subculture of intelligence agency involvement in Satanic ritual abuse. Literature on the subject was reaching a critical mass where it could not be ignored.

Would intelligence agencies devote resources to counteract such information? Not only is it possible, it almost certainly has occurred. Case in point: the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, an organization that is to pedophilia what the Institute for Historical Review is to the Nazi holocaust. While many allegations of sexual abuse seem to have no foundation in truth, the FMSF (officially founded by two parents accused of molestation by their daughter) goes far beyond this purpose to provide blanket denial and apologism for child molestation. One former leader of the FMSF, Dr. Ralph Underwager, resigned when he stated in an interview to a Dutch pedophile magazine that sex with children is “An acceptable expression of God’s will for love.” In a court case, an FMSF “advisor,” Dr. Harold Merskey, testified that a woman claiming sexual abuse by a doctor as a child was likely suffering from the syndrome. Dr. Merskey had never examined the woman, and her doctor had already admitted to other molestations.

The FMSF position gets widespread attention and promotion in the mainstream media, yet the opinions they endorse are a minority view in the field of human psychology. The CIA, even with an officially acknowledged history of abusing people through mind control experiments (the most famous being MK-ULTRA) certainly has a vested interest in denying such operations exist, especially when the operations are as insidious as sexually abusing children.

It is difficult to verify who is and isn’t a doctor involved in CIA mind control operations (the agency has yet to supply the public a checklist), but some members of the FMSF advisory board have been part of them—most notably Drs. Martin Orne and Louis Jolyon West.

Both Brice Taylor and Cathy O’Brien claim that they were given special powers through their mind control training to have “total recall.” There is a brilliant circular logic here: the stories are absolutely true, because, according to the stories, their tellers have not only been granted extraordinary sexual gifts, but also faultless memories.

Both women claim to have had their minds manipulated. Perhaps the manipulation begins and ends with themselves. A good case in point for pathological confabulation occurs with the previously mentioned Montauk Project. The biggest promoter of the theory, Preston Nichols, is a grotesquely obese man who resembles Jabba the Hutt in physical appearance. An investigation of Nichols’ claims by’s Richard Metzger for England’s Channel Four revealed a less than noble explanation for his work. According to Alexandra “Chica” Bruce, a former MTV producer, Nichols uses the Montauk Project as a homosexual pick-up scam. Nichols admits on camera to using hands-on deprogramming techniques with alleged Montauk victims, who are mainly younger men. According to Bruce, the techniques are little more than masturbating the supposed victims while Preston asks probing questions.

The author of this article met Brice Taylor and heard her speak. I have little doubt that she believes what she is saying. But whether she is telling the truth is another question altogether. Perhaps Brice and Cathy are victims—victims of their own lies.

Perhaps the manipulation lies at a higher level, with someone who is controlling them as part of a campaign with a deeper motive. The strongest candidate for this role falls to Mark Phillips, Cathy O’Brien’s husband and the author of the forward to Trance Formation. According to O’Brien, Phillips was instrumental in “deprogramming” her out of her previous brainwashed state. Considering the version of reality she now endorses, how much the “deprogramming” is a program in itself remains an open question. Many who know Phillips believe he is a shady character. One proponent of this theory is none other than Brice Taylor herself. According to Brice, “Mark Phillips knew all about my programming. Looking back on it now, he seemed to know way too much.” Taylor says that Phillips talked her into flying out to Tennessee, where he mooched 50 grand in living expenses from her in 18 months. Taylor’s own conclusions, for what they’re worth: “I suspect that Mark is some kind of ‘containment agent’ who is being directed through his ‘handlers’ whose motivations ultimately serve the New World Order.”

Phillips himself says he worked for the CIA, where he learned hypnosis, but afterwards broke away, becoming a “renegade.” Considering that his work helps make a laughingstock of ritual abuse claims, it could be argued that Phillips is still in the CIAs employ. Others who have dealt with Phillips have concluded that he is not now—nor has he ever been—a CIA agent, merely a lone nut con man out to make an easy buck exploiting vulnerable women.

Brice Taylor claims to have been consciously unaware of her abuse when it was occurring. It was in 1985, as the result of a car accident causing serious head trauma, that she started “remembering.” According to Taylor, “[The car crash] allowed me to access both sides of my brain for the first time in my life, and I began having memories—very frequent memories—of all sorts of abuse.” At the time of her “memory recovery,” Brice was corralled and influenced by Christian fundamentalists, who convinced her that her previous life was the prelude for an afterlife in hell.

Whatever the truth may be, the case for organized child abuse has been set upon and mocked by the mainstream media. Despite widespread sexually transmitted diseases among the kids who attended the McMartin preschool, and despite the discovery of underground tunnels found beneath the McMartin complex by a surprised UCLA archaeologist,

Dr. E. Gary Stickel, who expected to find nothing due to news reports he had previously read, all charged of crimes in the McMartin case were found “not guilty.” All seven jurors who attended a press conference after the trial agreed that the children had indeed been abused at the preschool. They never questioned that crimes were committed, but they weren’t absolutely convinced that the Buckeys committed them. Guilt was clouded by the children’s own testimony, which listed famous celebrities and cartoon characters as among their Satanic torturers.

Armed with these facts, there is a strange feeling of deja vu behind the O’Brien/Taylor tales. Despite the absurdity of their stories, I find it difficult to disqualify all of their assertions as invalid.

One claim that is almost certainly true: the stated connection between CIA mind control operations and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP was created and promoted by John Grinder (a linguist) and Richard Bandler (a mathematician), two men interested in using psychology to get people at their peak mental performance. Together, they wrote the Bible of the field, Trance Formations, which likely inspired the title of O’Brien’s masterpiece. The book’s cover includes three dragons, a sorceress with a magic wand creating a rainbow leading from her left palm, and a yellow-brick road leading to a grassy knoll.

In 1986, Bandler was charged with murder of a prostitute in Santa Cruz, in a cocaine deal gone haywire. Bandler insisted the real killer was James Marino, an admitted coke dealer and the only other witness to the event. According to Marino, Bandler was motivated by his drug habit (which Bandler confessed to having) as well as revenge, after learning the victim was having a secret lesbian affair with his live-in girlfriend. A jury found Bandler not guilty.

Among the clients Bandler had for their workshops included corporate giants Chase Manhattan Bank, Avon, Coca-Cola, and IBM. The U.S. Army and the CIA were also interested in their work, and he gave three seminars in the nations capitol. Bandler would later work on what the Los Angeles Times referred to as “classified intelligence work.” A 1979 Science Digest article warned, “The technique [NLP] threatens to become a hazardous tool for personal manipulation and, in the wrong hands, a dangerous instrument of social control.”

NLPs most popular disciple is Anthony Robbins. The infomercial kingpin and motivational guru—or, as he prefers to be called, “Peak Performance Trainer”—boasts in his book Unlimited Power to work with the U.S. Army, hired to train enlisted men in firing pistols.

This background material isn’t presented to imply that Grinder, Bandler, or Robbins were personally involved in government mind control experiments. But the military-intelligence establishment has become interested in NLP techniques, and has utilized them for their own purposes. One of the leading proponents of NLP in the Pentagon was Colonel John Alexander, a commander of Green Beret Special Forces in Vietnam and a leader in the study of Remote Viewing. Alexander is often listed as a major bogeyman in government mind control experiments. His students in NLP include A1 Gore.

What about other allegations in both Taylor and O’Brien’s books? Take, for example, the claim that many leading politicians are Satanists and child abusers. To most, this qualifies as a crackpot assertion. And yet, how else can you explain the curious case of Lawrence King, the African-American GOP leader who sang the national anthem at the 1984 and 1988 Republican Conventions? Besides his being jailed for swindling $39 million from Franklin Credit Union (the Savings and Loan he ran), investigators, led by John DeCamp, discovered that King was also the head of a Satanic pedophile ring, which held parties attended by the rich and powerful. (Among the regular guests to these parties was George Bush.) Of course, not everyone at these parties was aware of the ugly shenanigans going on, as they took place in a back room only a select few had access to. Who precisely was involved in the back room entertainment remains a mystery, as the investigation was quickly sandbagged when the pedophile ring was uncovered.

In 1996, a larger scandal arose in Belgium (the home of NATO and the European Union). Marc Detroux, a man charged with Silence of the Lambs-style crimes involving kidnapping young girls, rape and murder, was discovered to be using the victims in Satanic rituals and sex parties involving the elite in business, military, and politics. As detailed in the British Sunday Times, witnesses described Black Masses where children were killed in front of these same establishment types, and human skulls were found at sites identified by the witnesses, including the cult’s alleged headquarters. Among the judges, politicians, and policemen who attended orgies organized by the cult was a former commissioner of the European Union. One judge attempted to get to the bottom of the matter, but was soon dismissed by his superiors in the Ministry of Justice. Even Time magazine, in one of the rare mentions made in the American media of this apparently unimportant scandal, described shadowy links from this operation to mobsters, mentioning the use of “underground tunnels.”

With this in mind, are the scandalous claims that some American political leaders are Satanic pedophiles really that implausible? Certainly not, even if O’Brien and Taylor are their unconvincing messengers. And supposing that O’Brien and Taylor’s tales are part of a CIA disinformation campaign, it would make sense that some names on the list would actually include guilty participants. After all, what better place to hide the truth than out in the open, knowing full well it won’t be believed? While they’re at it, wouldn’t those behind a disinformation campaign include names of people who are innocent as well, linking critics of CIA policies (such as Congressman JimTraficant, Larry Flynt, and alleged penis-choker Kris Kristofferson) to these activities?

What about the repeated assertion that mass entertainment for children is part of mind control operations? While Walt Disney may not have raped Brice Taylor in the Magic Kingdom, he was in Freemasonry, and there is a secretive “Club 33”—the number corresponding with the highest rank in Masonry— located in New Orleans Square. Is it just a coincidence that Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera—the two most popular pop singers currently exploiting Lolita music video fantasies—are former Mouseketeers?

As interesting as it is to investigate the parapolitical aspects of the NWO sex slave tales, they don’t begin to explain the popularity of the genre, and to believe otherwise would miss the books’ most attractive aspects.

Sex sells. Trance Formation and Thanks for the Memories closely resemble the style of Hollywood exposes such as You’ll Never Make Love in This Town Again. And the first-person narrative also has much in common with a Harlequin romance novel. Not to mention a greasier form of romance: pornography.

He played with me and teased me a lot. Then he pulled me over close to him and said, “Now it’s time to be more serious.” And he started kissing me and slipped his hand inside my shirt and felt my breasts. Then he unfastened my bra and pulled my shirt up and began sucking on my nipples. He said that really got him hard to see young, firm breasts and he circled my nipples with his fingers.

Well, on the way up in the elevator, he kissed me—at first just regular kissing, but then with a lot of tongue. I could feel his cock against my belly, and he was squeezing my butt and sliding my dress up. When the elevator stopped he had the skirt all the way up to my waist and I was Frenching him back. I was so hot I couldn’t stop.

The first paragraph is from Thanks for the Memories, about Brice’s mind-controlled dalliance with JFK. The second is from the letters section from a July 1998 issue of Penthouse.

In her introduction, Taylor announces that her book “is not written to entertain. In fact, I hope you don’t find it entertaining, for if you do, you’ve missed the point. The pornography that has proliferated in this world has destroyed countless lives of children, women and men who were used in it and has taught those who view it to objectify people. The telling of the following information is not done with the intent to further pornography and lewd sexual behavior, but in an attempt to stop what has gone on and to insure freedom of mind, body and spirit.”

The lady doth protest too much.

Perhaps the NWO sex slave books are too kinky for tastes outside of Christian fundamentalism, but they certainly belong to high-quotient porno literature. The tales have many of the qualities commonly found in sado-masochistic bondage fantasies, which regularly depict women helpless as sexual perversions are committed upon them. Oceans of sperm have been squirted by millions of men over lesser quality goods. Indeed, as far as the “I never thought I’d be writing to tell you this, but. . .” genre goes, both books qualify as Grade A goods.

It should be obvious to everybody that the NWO sex slave genre is nothing more than thinly veiled porno disguised as parapolitics. The most avid readers of these books are fundamentalist Christians, who cite the O’Brien/Taylor tales as proof that the New World Order is a Satanic plot. That the tales told in these books seem in so many ways inaccurate appears of little concern to these readers, who often repeat the many unsubstantiated allegations as fact. Some would cite this as proof of hypocrisy rampant in fundamentalism, since one of the Ten Commandments (at least when this author last checked) is the prohibition of bearing false witness.

As Freud would remind us, that which we vociferously condemn as deviant is also what we often secretly crave. The more something becomes a taboo, the more attractive it becomes. It is no surprise that many people will happily wallow in perversion if given an excuse to do so. Is the promotion of these sex slave tales in the conservative Christian community a way to subliminally revel in filth? Few dare call it conspiracy, but even fewer dare call it pornography.


  1. Have any of the people who have been slandered sued Cathy O'Brien?
    That's a good indicator I think.

  2. Amazing and articulate.

  3. Having read both Brice Taylor's book as well as Cathy O'Brien's, I have to say that I believe these women are telling the truth. If they weren't they would be sued up one side and down the other. I mean, if it were a pack of lies we'd have the biggest slander cases on the books. My only reservation is that while they have photographic memories, stuff they've been force fed can be compartmentalized to the tune of never being unraveled completely. Two men who are prominent online individuals were victims of the Montauk Project (no names please) both recited the exact same childhoods a while back, to the letter. Not memorized but implanted in their minds. They completely believe the story they've told, though neither had known the other in childhood. There were fine details! Minute details. Both of them had the same memory, to the letter, and believed their stories as the God's honest truth. Both thought that they had totally recovered from the horrific mind control experiment that they had been forced to endure when clearly they had not. I, for instance, disbelieve that JFK ever molested a child, mind-controlled or not. But Brice Taylor believes that that experience occurred, heart and soul. I would believe it of Ted Kennedy, but not Jack. (Or Bobby for that matter). You may cite MM if you wish but she was not a child. Regardless, mind control still abounds---I give you Timothy McVeigh. It's time to wake the hell up. The writer of this piece flip-flopped, first appearing to believe the whole thing and then back pedaling. (Is h/she a politician?) In my view, most of what Cathy O'Brien and Brice Taylor say happened, happened.

    1. Cathy's vaginal carving is now on youtube.

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