Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bolzer - Soma (2014)

And so the mighty duo known as Bolzer return to tease the masses with yet another -ep-. This shit can get highly annoying, especially when committed by a band as great as Bolzer yet on the other hand, I'll take what I can get!

The beginning riff on opener 'Steppes' sounds a bit "regressed", meaning I wouldn't be surprised if it was an unused piece of material that the band decided to stick into the equation in order to add length to the existing body of work. It's not terrible but it's also not terribly interesting. Unfortunately, Bolzer has set the bar so incredibly high that everything they do is subject to an almost unfair amount of scrutiny. Sorry fellas but it's all in the reflexes, not to mention it's the nature of the beast.

Once you get past the introductory riff exchange things start poppin' in the usual Bolzer fashion and don't be surprised if you find yourself dazed, drooling and daydreaming in the midst of the band's epic knack for painting visual mindscapes. Sure, Aura may still be the reigning champ of Bolzer's string of shortrunners but by no means is this some sort of drop in quality. If anything the band are heading "further out there" and I'm almost afraid that next time 'round my mind might not make it back to the ship before its return trip.

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