Wednesday, July 16, 2014

P.L.F. - Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration (2014)

Jesus... I haven't been this blown away by a grindcore band in quite a while!

I've always had very particular tastes when it comes to grind. Usually, the more "straight-up" grindcore bands tend to bore me after the first assault. I have always favored bands that had more of a  whimsical approach such as C.S.S.O. and Blood Duster. Either that or the ones that go the extra mile in the riff department. P.L.F. falls into the latter category. Hailing from the same area as Insect Warfare, I'm not terribly surprised by their hateful, rapid-fire approach, but where bands such as early Napalm and Terrorizer wound up sounding monotonous by the 4th or 5th track, P.L.F. go the Pig Destroyer route by throwing a seemingly endless amount of clever riffs at the listener while the drummer answers everything in an astounding manner! Speaking of the drums... holy fuck! This guy gives Scott Hull's drum machine a run for its microchips in terms of imaginative fills, beats and overall creativity. Sure, you might not be able to out-"speed" a drum machine on full blast but the amount of insane ideas this kid projects onto his kit is worth a standing ovation lasting five casual minutes.

The vocals are reminiscent of early Brutal Truth with a few high-end rasps thrown in for good measure but honestly you won't give a shit WHAT the vocals sound like after receiving the ass-beating delivered by the guitar/drum duo. Seriously.

Grindcore is usually good for a jolt of intensity or two but for my money it usually tends to sound a bit redundant after the initial shock wears off. However, with bands like Noisear, Pig Destroyer and P.L.F. thrashing out with creative riff onslaughts I am more than psyched to see where this all leads. Definitely a contender for 'album of the year', here!



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