Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lvcifyre - Svn Eater (2014)

Boy, Dark Descent has been on an absolute tear this year with quality releases from Corpsessed, Emptiness, Thantifixath and Lvcifyre spearheading the onslaught with their sophomore album being the label's first full length of the year.

As if Lvcifyre took a page out of the playbook of labelmates Emptiness, Svn Eater could easily be mistaken for the work of a different band when compare to their debut The Calling Depths. That album had a distinctive Immolation/Morbid Angel flare to it (mainly in the nuances) though I think it's fair to say that one could be forgiven for thinking they were listening to Centurian as well, had they not known otherwise. This time 'round, however, Lvcifyre seemingly decided to abandon their quest for technical progression in favor of a much, much darker approach. Oh yes... Svn Eater, indeed! This fucker is pitch black, and no, I don't mean in the faggoty black metal sort of way (though they do employ the services of Cult des Ghoules 'Mark of the Devil' himself, and to extraordinary effect, I might add). No, this is some monstrously evil shit not far removed from the works of Immolation or Coffin Texts, though things tend to get a bit muddy throughout, a symptom that could quickly manifest as detrimental to the proceedings but thankfully does not.

Though the muddiness of the production does naught to deter one from walking the path of darkness blazed by the intent of the band there is one thing that does make proceeding onward a fairly difficult endeavor and that is the fact that many of the songs on Svn Eater bleed into one another and many of them tend to sound alike, which when coupled with production woes can prove to be a bit of a buzzkill, not to mention the fact that it makes it harder to stay on board for the duration. Nevertheless, nobody said that the experience of this album would be an easy ride and for those of you who do manage to see it all the way through I'm sure the experience will have been quite worth your patience.

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