Monday, July 14, 2014

Electric Wizard - I am Nothing (2014)

Well, my hopes for a triumphant return to the fanatical realm of the mighty 'Dopethrone' have been cast down and dashed upon the rocks below. Perhaps that's a bit too brutal an assumption this early in the game considering I've only heard a single teaser track but nonetheless, I've had my hopes shattered enough times in the past that, by now, I can usually tell what the future holds.

Granted, this is not a bad track by any means but it's also not the much anticipated return to the days of old that many of us were hoping for. This is pretty much aligned with everything the band's released since the arrival of the 'Lizard Queen' herself, Miss Buckingham (or is it Mrs. Oborn? Oh well), that being an emphasis on big riffs and a gigantic sound rather than the smoky psychedelia of the band's earlier albums. The other thing is that the main riff here is basically yet another "re-working" of the last two albums which is what 'Legalize Drugs & Murder' was, in essence. With the somewhat considerable gap between album I'm surprised these guys sound as creatively bankrupt as they do. The drumming is much, much better than it has been lately no doubt due to the presence of Mark Greening (who, incidentally is already out of the band!) and the bass sounds a bit more charred as one would expect from a member of Virgina's 'Satan's Satyrs' but again, the riffs plod along the spectrum of the unimaginative. I have to wonder... is Liz holding the band hostage? Will the 'real' Jus Oborn please stand up?

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