Saturday, September 8, 2012

Brick Slapped: An interview with Ron Kuczuk of Bonded Through Hate

Who was the first band you heard that could safely be referred to as 'metal'? What was the selling point?

“Safely” huh….Prolly Scorpions or Quiot Riot. Maybe even Twisted Sister. Those three all around the same time. I had moved to Chicago at the time and hooked up with the “wrong crowd” . Long haired metalheads! And they would make tapes for me. I didn’t play guitar at the time but loved the distorted tones and cord driven riffs. Plus the rebellious topics the songs were about. Bang your Head !!! 

Who, in the entire history of metal (death, black, etc) has committed the most frighteningly homosexual acts of treason, in your opinion?

David Vincent by far ! Dude goes from being the front man of a brutal as fuck band , Morbid Angel , to playing bass for the Genitortuers??? Over some piece of snizz? And have you seen him lately? The Fruit looks like some gothed out hermaphrodite on meth. Not to mention the new Morbid Angel album. I got two words for you , Gay. 

Do you miss the days when metalheads looked like rapist drug addicted gang members from the late 70's Bronx era, or are you content with the silly looking wigger image of the day?

Not as much as I miss the long haired rapist drug addicted gang member looking horror movie killers from the 70’s & 80’s ! But as far as Metalheads….it doesn’t bother me as much. One of the things I always dug about the metal scene was the mix of freaks it attracts. Would I ever rock half the looks I see at shows ? No fucking way. The comb overs , skinny jeans , make up on dudes , cock piercing , and shit like that aren’t my thing. But I don’t give a shit about it. Pay at the door , buy my bands shit , and kick some bitch in the cunt in the pit. That’s all I ask. 

What's the craziest thing you've witnessed during a Tyrant Trooper show?

Hmmm…shit like my Bassist puking on stage while playing and then some dude slipping in it , some slore knuckle deep in her snizz on the side of the stage while we were playing , Our Singer jumping off the stage and going after a bunch of Fish fans that were making fun of us through the windows at Pearl St , Latin Kings shooting in the air to stop a fight behind The Sports Palace , a black metal band we were opening for complaining about our use of the Bud Dwyer Suicide video during our set and then themselves going on stage with burning inverted crosses and a virgin Mary with a dildo stuck in it , but….the craziest….had to be the time these conjoined twins came to a show at Vertex in Haddley Mass and and do this fucking tornado spinning move in the pit and clear out the floor ! I shit you not !! The most unreal thing I’ve EVER seen. Spinning and Spinning like a flesh cycone of Hate !!

When did your infatuation with Kathy Lee Giffords take form. What was it about this drunken whore milf that put you under her spell? 

I’ve been buttering to KLG since the Regis days. Like in the late 80’s. Always admired her amazing jugs and willing mouth. She was off the air for a little while and I kinda forgot about her. Then all of a sudden she was back on the show she’s on now. Still lookin good and nasty. Her rack has held up nicely as she often shows them off. I just think it would be fun bumpin uglies with her while her rotting corpse of a husband wipes the sweat off my balls. Plus I heard somewhere that she was a brown clown , so that really excites me !! 

I noticed that 90% of the death metal bands in CT haven't got a clue how to play death metal. It usually comes across as some horribly inept version of garage thrash with some dork on the mic who thinks he can sing death metal while doing tough guy hand movements and chest thumps. Why do you think this is?

LOL !! “tough guy hand movements” ! love it…like pointing at the crowd with the gun fingers hand ! Ha!! Anyway , good question. Prolly lots of reasons. One being that CT is a hot bed for Hardcore. Bands Like Death Threat , Hate breed , and 100 Demons all came from CT and draw HUGE crowds when they play around here. So most local bands have some type of Hardcore influence , like it or not. Which is fine , I love Hardcore and the three bands I mentioned. Some true heads like you Josh don’t , I think. Were as if a bunch of sick death metal bands came out of CT it might be a different story here. Another reason , in my opinion , is that to play true death metal you need a great drummer. Fast feet , quick hands , good endurance , and a feel for what makes metal death metal. There arent a ton of that kind of drummer in CT , I know of maybe 4 out of 100’s of bands. Going back to the hardcore tip , bands like to see crowd movement. Crowds in CT respond to breakdowns , hardcore breakdowns. If you go on stage and play 100 miles an hour from start to finish , more than likely the crowd is gunna stand there and bob their heads. So it is what it is. That why I like to always have a little hardcore “feel” amongst out brutal death metal riffs. 

What was gayer... the mullet or the shaved underneath haircut with long hair on top?

Well , I had a mullet so definitely the shaved underneath deal. Don’t really care about either , but laugh at both ! 

Why do you think there are so many wiggers in CT?

Hahaha!! No fuckin clue bro. Are there? More so than down by you? Saggin jeans , ghetto talk , pullin one pant leg up , dumpin out some of their forty for their lock up homies !! Who fuckin knows , not my scene. Prolly a ton at the bars in New Haven ! 

Metallica or Megadeth? Why?

Metallica for me. James was a HUGE influence on how I play. And his sound was always awesome. I would freeze frame videos of them playing so I could study his setting and gear. You know I played a white gibson explorer with emg’s for all the TT years. Not a huge Megadeth fan . Some songs here and there. Not a fan of Dave’s voice. And his red mop. 

New Yorkers are always making a big deal about how great their pizza is while the folks out in Chi-Town believe that 'cakes are pizza too'. Would you agree that New haven pizza silently smashes these two loud mouth areas in the teeth when it comes to the art of crafting a quality pie?

Absolutely !! Pound for pound , bang for the buck , or whatever gay cliché you wanna use. CT Pizza reigns supreme! And check this out , I was born in New York , moved to Chicago , then to CT !! And I’m fat !! So if anyone is qualified to comment on this topic it’s me. Deep dish is good but I almost don’t concider it pizza. Its like lasagna or a baked ziti. You have to eat it with a fork. One or two sliced and you’re stuffed. NY and CT and very similar. Mostly thin crust , foldable , light on the sauce , regular toppings , and brick oven cooked. CT is loaded with great pizza parlors. Each one better than the next. In fact , the singer from my first band , Tyrant Trooper , owns an awesome pizza joint. The Fireplace ! Wood fire cooked pizza ! 

Did you find it at all shameful that Slayer started to rip off Korn in the late 90's and have insisted that each album since has sounded like 'Reign in Blood'?

Did They? LOL didn’t know that ! I love early Slayer like the next guy. Didn’t really keep up with them after the first three albums so I don’t really know anything about them ripping off Korn. I’m REALLY into Death Metal. That’s all I listen to. I mean if Slayer comes on the satellite radio I will thrash out to it but I rarely put it on myself. Again , I LOVE early Slayer. As far as Korn goes , I dig the fact that they have established a sound of their own. Now before you unfriend me on FB let me explain. Way back in the day , I saw Korn at the El n Gee club in New London CT. They were just getting started. It was pretty cool to see them before they were a mega band. And like I said , they had / have a unique sound. You know it’s Korn when you hear the first 10 seconds of theit music. I dig that. I am also a fan of a good hook. So many bands can play sick technical riffs but when you’re done listening to them you have no idea what you just heard. I try my hardest to make sure all of BTH’s songs have a hook. A riff or verse that someone cant get outta their heads when they leave a show or listen to our cd. Korn do that very well. Like em or not ! 

Hardcore has always been the dominant form of 'heavy' music in the state of CT. Why do you think it is that death metal never truly caught on as much up there?

Like I said earlier , Hardcore is HUGE in CT. I’m sure a lot has to do with the proximity to NY and Boston. Two big hardcore scenes nearby. So a ton of bands from them two places would come to CT to play and the kids loved it and wanted to play it. Death Metal was really just getting going around then and didn’t have nearly the following. Plus DM is so much harder to play. A lot of that early hardcore was like two of three riffs per 2 minute song. So it was easy for someone to pick up a guitar for the first time and within a year be in a hardcore band. I love both and I think you can hear that in Our songs , Both TT and BTH. 

Is Hatebreed considered gay back in CT because they are no longer an "underground" band?

LOL ! I think they’ve lost a little rep here in CT because they have gotten so big. But with that said , they still pack anywhere they play in CT so who the fuck knows. Just like Metallica. Once they got huge they were considered a sell out and gay. Whatever. I remember Playing shows with Jasta 14 before there ever was a Hatebreed. OLD SCHOOL ! 

2012. The coming apocalypse or mega hype?

Something is coming. Not sure it will be this year but pretty soon. Shit seems to be ramping up doesn’t it ? School shootings , Weather , Earth Quakes , Civil Unrest , and so on. So we shall see. I don’t think it will be predictable to the day , but shit’s gunna hit the fan in our lifetime. And we’ll have a front row seat ! 

The three greatest pairs of tits you've ever had the pleasure to lay eyes on: 

Hmmm…..celebrity wise…Sofia Vergara , Jessica Biel , and Jennifer Love Hewitt…..all have world class racks……now I’m friends with some chick on face book that have AMAZING racks. And would name them if I knew I wouldn’t be jeopardizing future tit viewings. I love chicks with short hair and huge natural D’s. Something about that combo. Cleavage is so sexy. I remember a show back in the day , at the Tune Inn , where I was standing at the edge of the stage , in front of this goth chick with a massive rack , it was hot as fuck in there as usual so the sweat was dripping off me like a hooker in church. So I leaned forward over the chick and watched my sweat drip down between her tits. Fucking chubbed me up! 

I understand that you were hospitalized and out of commission for a while. Would you care to elaborate on this?

Yeah , totally ! Back in November of 2011 , while playing at Toads place in New Haven , I stepped on a shot glass on stage while playing. It was on its side and I rolled my ankle on it. It was hurting but not too bad. About two weeks later , I stepped off a curb while carrying a tote and fucked it up even more. So , like a typical dude , I didn’t go to see a doctor. I bought a brace for it and went on my way. The brace didn’t fit right I guess and it cut into my ankle . Still I didn’t go to see a doctor. I treated the wound myself. Keeping it clean , fresh bandage everyday , but it got worse. By New Years eve I was running a fever , couldn’t talk , my vision was blurry. So I called 911 and was rushed to the hospital. They determined the infection had gone septic and I had about 24 hours to live if nothing was done. The only solution to the problem was to amputate the leg. So with in a couple hours of getting to the ER I was in surgery. Woke up two weeks later in the ICU. I was I the hospital for 4 months then Rehab for two months before I could go home. I have a prosthetic now and am learning how to walk again. I’ll be back on stage and stronger than ever as soon as I can. Moral of the story , GO SEE A DOCTOR IF YOU HAVE ANY MEDICAL ISSUE. 

What are the future plans for Bonded Through Hate?

As soon as I back in action we will continue to write catchy , brutal death metal. Do some shows here and there. Push our New EP as much as we can. And prolly record again in 2013 if we’re not all dead ! What we won’t do is sell tickets , play parties , play shows were we need to bring a PA , and post incessantly on Face book ! 

Tyrant Trooper made a brief come back not too long ago and then up and disappeared. What happened?

Nothing , We did two reunion shows as planned and that was it. We all have other bands and businesses to run. Bonded Through Hate , a TT Song , is kinda carrying the TT torch now. Justin (TT Drummer) and myself are making sure BTH lives up to the high standards that TT set. We want to keep our brothers proud. I won’t rule out TT doing another show in the future , but as of now there aren’t any absolute plans. 

Three albums you absolutely cannot live without: 

Carcass - Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious , Malevolent Creation - Ten Commandments , Entombed - Left Hand Path 

Three faces that are in desperate need of a brick slapping: 

Obama for DESTROYING the country and it’s future. Honey Boo Boo and her bullfrog throated mom. And Rob Kardashian for being the biggest bitch on the planet. 

Alright Ron, any last words?

Yeah..Thanks for this second interview ! It was fucking fun! Check out my band Bonded Through Hate if you dig catchy , crunchy Death Metal with a little CT Hardcore flavor. See a Doctor if ANYTHING doesn’t seem right about your health. Rot n Roll , Ron 


For more info anupdates on Bonded Through Hate, check out their Facebook page here.


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