Monday, September 24, 2012

Incantation - Decimate Christendom

This might not have been so bad if it weren't for the horrendously gay vocals of John Mac-N-Cheese. The vocals on this album sound like those of a kidnapped hitch hiker who's been handcuffed and brutally sodomized for hours on end over at some overweight, mustachioed serial killers pad. With each tooth that has been unceremoniously bashed the fuck in, with every moment fatty's cock has been ruthlessly shoved down this guy's throat, the undesired effect takes "aural" form and before you know it... voila... the vocals are done, dude. I guess after having endured so many line-up changes due to his being a midget chump, good ol' Mac-N-Cheese decided that he would commandeer the reigns and be "the voice" of Incantation. Bad move. Hearing Mac-N-Cheese front Incantation is like being confronted by a homosexual three year old with Down's Syndrome.

The low ended heaviness of Incant's earlier albums, ep's, etc, has been stripped down and abandoned in favor of some pitifully limp wristed and tinny shrill. I've noticed that with a lot of these guys, once they hit their 40's, they start to wonder what cock tastes and feels like stuffed inside their rectums. Some, like Immolation, decide that it's not for them and come back "swingin' with albums such as Majesty and Decay, while others decide to give it another go, the implications of which can only mean one thing.

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