Friday, September 21, 2012

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat. This is my favorite entry in the entire Halloween series. Now I'll be the first to tell you that, once upon a time, mine was in fact one of the many voices bitching on about Michael Myers not being in the film. Shame on me and shame on you too for actually believing that you give a fuck. See, had ol' Mikey actually been in the film, everyone would have bitched about all of the meaningless sequels being pumped out in the name of the all mighty dollar (much like they have since) but lucky for him he wasn't, so all of the self righteous zealots had a different, albeit, substantial target to revile in his stead.

See, I just might have thought the same thing as the rest of ya and left it at that had it not been for the rather unsettling image of a child having his Halloween mask melt onto his head after which a posse of assorted reptiles, insects and other groovy ghoulies proceed to revel in his microwaved skull . See kids , THAT to me is enter-fucking-tainment!! When a movie goes so far as to off a child, you know they are NOT fucking around !

As I had mentioned earlier , I initially wrote the film off but for some reason , after years had passed , I found myself thinking about it and wanting to give it a second chance and I am extremely happy I had . First off I noticed that veteran horror film actor Tom Atkins was in the lead so right there I knew I was in good hands . Also worth note is the fact that the films director had also directed the stellar Fright Night 2 , yet another film that seems not to have obtained it's rightful due . It's a fucking shame really . Anyway , back to HIII . Despite the nonchalant genre labeling of critics and their need to place this in the realm of Horror films it actually has a more Sci-Fi feel to it which is fine by me as late 70's/early 80's Sci-Fi flicks had a tendency to contain more horror than the actual horror films did themselves .

I'm not going to tell ya that if you watch this again or for the first time that you'll love it . I understand that people have it in their cabezas what a Halloween film is all about and to a large extent I wouldn't want to dispute that but for my dollar I must say that I think it's kinda rather cool that Carpenter and his crew of merry pranksters decided to steer clear of a 3rd film involving Myers and instead opted to create this nifty , odd and truly groovy movie experience .

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