Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Desolate - Sanity Obliterated (2012)

Absolutely devastating death metal from New England!

Desolate were one of many burgeoning death metal bands from the New England area during the early 90's. They went on to release two demos for Wild Rags and then up and disappeared. Two members went on to form the equally crushing Warhorse (Ma) while drummer Eric Roy continued to sonically devastate senses with fellow Massachusetts terrorists, Scattered Remnants.

Sanity Obliterated is a compilation featuring the band's two demos and two unreleased tracks that were originally intended to be released as part of a split ep with Delusion (Ma).

If you didn't know any better, the material here could easily be mistaken for some overlooked band from Sweden during that country's early 90's heyday. The guitar sound here is absolutely crushing and there are plenty of slowed down, doomy sections to paint a wintry atmosphere all around you as your jaw drops and you begin to drool at just how awe-inspiring the heaviness of this band actually is. The demo material sounds just as heavy now as it did almost 20 years ago and the two remaining tracks make me salivate at the thought of what could have been had the band remained and continued to dish out death/doom of this quality. There's no doubt in my mind that if Desolate were around today they'd be giving the likes of Disma, Incantation and others of their ilk a serious run for their pesos.

It's a damn fucking shame that Desolate remain as obscure as they ever were. I'd put any one of their demos up against the lot of the OSDM craze that is currently keeping the masses enthralled within its reign of retardation. Instead of searching out the latest band of merry dolts emulating the icons of the past, you should be unearthing this forgotten masterpiece and allowing it to smash your head wide open.

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