Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Incantation - Diabolical Conquest (1998)

Musically, this is right on par with the band's material leading up until this point. There is a lot of diversity in regards to tempo shifts and picking technique, be it of the galloping variety, "blackened" tremolo style or just plain all out doomy dirge-fests. This album never gets boring in that sense. There is a healthy quantity of everything here to dig in and enjoy. My main (and in all likelihood, only) problem with this album is the vocals of Daniel Corchado. I understand well enough that there are plenty of folks out there who prefer the faggy rasp of black metal style vocals and so upon hearing this album were tickled pink that Incantation chose to go this route. I also noticed that there are a lot of vocal nods to the gay pirate of Autopsy himself, Chris Reifert, on this album. Being that I never enjoyed that dude's vocal style, I was perplexed and rather mortified upon hearing the sounds being gushed fourth from out of Danny C's cephalic cunt hole. I kept wondering to myself "what the fuck were they thinking??!!"

It's really a fucking shame as I could only imagine how awesome this album would've been had Pillard or some similar sounding entity handled the mic. Instead, some beaner with a wretched fag rasp proceeded to shit all over an otherwise decent sounding album. Great job Incant.

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