Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Forbidden - Twisted into Form (1990)

If it weren't for the tidal wave of homosexuality that are the vocals, this would actually be one killer album. Unfortunately, during the 80's, many otherwise awesome bands were brought down a few notches due to the inclusion of some ultra-cheesy vocalist or another. Such is the case with Forbidden. The funny thing is that the vocalist looks like a behemoth viking that, after buffeting his enemies with his ham hock-like fists, proceeds to guzzle down the scrambled remnants within their skulls with a rather unsettling gusto, not unlike a cannibalistic tranny surrounded by a sea of dicks. Actually, the latter segment of that tirade sounds about right. A monstrous titan of a homosexual, screaming with delight at the thought of waking up amidst an ocean of swaying cocks. Why the rest of the band opted to go down this route is way the fuck beyond me as, like I mentioned earlier, the riffing and lead work is absolutely fucking righteous, not to mention the stellar drumming, courtesy of Paul (Slayer) Bostaph. Yet another thrash band from the 80's that falls snugly into the category entitled "could've, should've, but unfortunately did not".

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