Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hollywood Kills (2006)

More people need to learn that low-budget and independent does not have to mean low-quality. In particular, the makers of “Hollywood Kills” really should have paid attention in class on the day that lesson was taught.

“Hollywood Kills” follows four reasonably useless and not particularly likeable young adults as they go party and “audition” at the home of a once-famous director. He takes a liking to one of the girls so instead of letting her loose in his “studio of horrors” filled with big bad guys and semi-traps, he keeps her locked up in the control room and broadcasts his deep and personal conversations with her over a loudspeaker over the loudspeaker so her brother (one of the four schmucks) can listen in.

Considering how shitty this movie is in every respect, I’m assuming that the only reason it was greenlit was so it could hopefully cash in on some of the “torture porn” craze of the mid 2000s. But it fails even in that regard. There’s some rape, some blood, some gore, but the effects are truly awful, the acting would be forgettable if it weren’t so terrible, and everything about it is just really bad. The only barely decent scene is they eyeball needle torture, but even that ends up looking seriously hoaky.

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