Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Litmus - Slaughterbahn (2012)

Not quite sure how I feel about this one. Previous albums by Litmus have been extraordinary examples of the possibilities of modern space rock/prog, though Litmus, I think it's fair to say, falls more under the "rock" category than prog as there has never been anything tremendously challenging going on in regards to instrumentation. "Space" rock, however, is something that Litmus more than exceeds at, which is why I'm somewhat at a loss here as the band has largely stripped down the more cosmic elements of their sound in favor of a more straightforward approach, and while I won't say that it's bad, I do not find it to be terribly intriguing either. I suppose after three stellar exercises in intergalactic expertise, Litmus decided to leave the sci-fi insanity behind this time and I'm not too sure that they benefited from the decision to do so.

This is definitely not a bad album, by any means, as the band prove that they can pen a decent tune sans the gimmickry that they're essentially known for. Unfortunately for me, the studio trickery of their previous output is precisely why I bought a ticket for the ride in the first place and I'm wondering if I would've been better off just walking on by as the whole affair, ultimately comes across as a bit pedestrian.

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