Monday, March 17, 2014

Convlse/Disma - Days of Death (2013)

Believe me, the only part of this split I give a fuck about is Disma's half. I couldn't give a rats A.I.D.S. infested arse about Convulse. Ironically enough, the only time I thought Convuse was interesting was when they were "death -n- rolling" it way back in '94. Aside from that, their version of "death metal" is one of the faggiest and most limp wristed to date. I find it funny that even with all of the phony "old school" death metallers running around praising any pile of dogshit that was released 20 or so years ago as some sort of cult "classic", they can't even get behind Convulse's comeback album. That's how fucking weak it is. Welcome to the real world folks.

Disma, however, are a fucking behemoth. The musical equivalent of some eight headed monster straight out of Greek mythology. I can only hope that the track on this split is indicative of what's to come in the form of their upcoming sophomore LP. I must give mention to the fact that things are a bit more doomy this time around as opposed to their debut. Those with severe attention deficit disorder have nothing to fear though as Disma have tossed you a bone with a tastefully included blast or two. Crushes fucking mountains into baking soda they do.

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