Monday, March 17, 2014

Purtenance - Awaken from Slumber (2013)

Now THIS is how you stage a fucking comeback! What a glorious and horrendously monstrous triumph!

Not only did Purtenance manage to come back kicking ass, they somehow managed to actually sound better than they did back in '92! What's weird is that on their debut 'Member of Immortal Damnation' there was a song or two that reeked and reminded me of Incantation. Here, that resemblance is in overdrive. Fine by me. Anytime a Scandinavian band chooses to let their inner Golgotha loose I'm a happy guy!

The band's Incantation-isms don't end there either as the new vocalist Ville sounds no less murky and vile as Craig Pillard himself. Add to all of this a cool 'Creature of the Black Lagoon'-ish looking bloke on the front cover no doubt intended to be some sort of minion of if not Cthulhu himself and you have yourself a winner destined to stride the ages.

Now before I paddle off, let it be known that Purtenance was not beyond the questionable inclusion of a less than stellar track for whatever fucking reason, Chtulhu only knows, and yes, this tradition has been obliged with a track or two that sounds like the band covering some lesser entity merely for the sake of throwing everyone off. Hey, what the fuck do I know, eh? Overall this one's a winner in my book and WAY the fuck better than Convulse's comeback. Bravo.

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