Monday, March 17, 2014

Perdition Temple - Edict of the Antichrist Elect (2010)

Ok, so a bunch of whiny fucks have cried and complained about how this isn't as good as anything Palubicki's done in Angelcorpse. I swear this kind of nonsensical diarrhea spews out of the mouths of those who want to sound cool and gain some sort of non-existent brownie points with their Facebook "friends". Trust me. This shit is right on par with 'Exterminate' and 'The Inexorable'. Hell, being that I'm not terribly fond of homosexual black metal shrieks I'd have to give the edge to Perdition Temple since the vocals here are more of a shouty death metal style.

Make no mistake, musically everything here is a continuation of Angelcorpse. It's kinda hard for it to be any other way, really, considering that Palubicki wrote the lion's share of riffs for that band and has not budged and inch in regards to any sort of stylistic change. If there's one thing to say as far as any sort of difference in approach goes it would be that Perdition Temple actually sounds MORE fucking angry and vengeful than Angelcorpse ever had with Gene delving even further into war metal territory, though because of the whirlwind of riff intricacies this band without a doubt falls under the death metal moniker.

Not terribly sure why he chose to do Apocalypse Command and then bounce back to this with an impending new album as they all basically sound like the same band (yes, that includes Angelcorpse minus Helmkamp) but whatever. There can never be enough of a good thing, now can there?

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