Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Entrails - The Tomb Awaits (2011)

Tricky album this one. One one hand Entrails boasts what may be the heaviest version of Sweden's famed chainsaw guitar sound and even manage to pull off a few songs that do that sound justice. On the other, they commit one of my cardinal sins in regards to death metal and that is persist on fagging up their album with "melodic" death metal bullshit. Ugh. That's the worst, especially after such a promising opener. To then follow it up with the absolutely homosexual sounds of melodic death metal! What the fuck?

The first Entrails album was much worse in this regard. This time around it had "seemed" that they wised up as the first few songs sounded like standard early '90's Swedish fare and then 'BAM'! They try to sneak the melodic penis up your ass when you think all is safe. It's as if the first two songs were Entrails slipping GHB into your drink and lulling you into a relaxed state of mind. Once you appear to have been lured into a trance, hook, line and sinker, out comes the Swedish meatballs, tap-dancing on your snoring mug. Shame on you Entrails!

Even the album cover is something of a mystery to me. It's cool yet there's something... something about it that seems... gay. Oh well. I had hoped that Entrails would iron out a bit of their homosexual tendencies come time for album number three but instead they seemed to have pissed off the wrong person as that album comes across as a rather "ball-less" affair, lacking that extra bit of "oomph" so vital in getting the job done. Oh well. There's always Interment.

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