Monday, March 17, 2014

Old One - Old One (2009)

This is the closest I've heard anything sound like 'Come my Fanatics/Dopethrone' era Electric Wizard since that time with the only possible exception being Saturnalia Temple's 'Ur'. I'm fairly certain that the only guitar you will hear is an ultra fuzzed out bass accompanied by drums and an extremely drugged and hazy vocal performance. This is high quality stuff right here folks!

The majority of the songs run around the twenty minute mark so if you're the impatient type then you may want to skip this experience altogether, however, if you're in the need of a good drone (and I don't mean the ultra-monotonous type where one note is plucked throughout the course of 15 minutes) and a bowl of nature's finest, then you may find yourself in good company with Old One. Definitely a favorite of mine and a band that I am eagerly awaiting more material from.

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