Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ohio Prostitute Killer

In Ohio, police are searching for a serial killer who is suspected of murdering at least eight prostitutes throughout the state. On April 19, 1990, the body of an unidentified white female was found off of Interstate 75 behind a truck stop. Four years earlier, the body of 23 year old prostitute Shirley Dean Taylor was found 100 miles away behind a traffic barier. Although the two cases at first seemed to be completely isolated crimes, investigative reporter Michael Berens was able to link the two cases together along with several other Ohio unsolved murders. Eight women were found murdered along a major interstate, each of the identified victims were suspected to be prostitutes, and each of those women were believed to work at truck stops. Berens later went undercover to better learn information about these murders. As the majority of the johns were teamsters who used CB radios to communicate alongside the highway, Berens learned that the prostitutes would use CB radios in order to contact their next customers. He believes that the killer would probably pretend to be a john to summon the prostitute, then murder the woman and later discard her body. On February 8, 1987, 27 year old Anne Marie Patterson became the sixth victim of the killer. She was last seen getting into a black or dark blue Peterbilt truck, and was never seen alive again. Her body was located twenty five days later. Surprisingly, it seemed that the killer may have kept Anne's body in his refridgerated truck for almost a month. Berens soon determined that the first victim of the killer was a woman who was found in 1981 and has never been identified. Then, during the next nine years, seven more womens' bodies would be found, all suspected to be victims of the same killer. Berens believes that due to the locations of the bodies, the killer may have been a former police officer or security guard. Two of the victims were last seen getting into a dark blue or black Peterbilt truck with a refrigerated trailer. His possible C.B. handles are "Dr. No", "Stargazer", and "Dragon". He has never been identified and the murders remain unsolved.

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