Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Being (1983)

You know, I'm gettin' a little sick of all these blogs, websites, etc. that are "dedicated" to all of the so called "shitty" and "bad" movies released throughout the years. Like these dweebs only indulge in the "creme de la creme" of cinema. Hey Siskel, go suck the creme out of some aged and A.I.D.S. infested Twinkie you starstruck tranny gimp. These are the kinda tools that get all hot & bothered over Scream and The Sixth Sense (barf). I for one long for the days of old when all of these "shitty" movies were a bit more common. Before the internet transformed everyone into expert film critics. Fuck these motherfuckers. People like this like Fulci cuz they're told that he's great.

The Being plays on two lifelong fascinations of mine. Cycloptic monsters and toxic waste. The Being goes so far as to fuse the two together which is just fucking cherry to me. Of course the monster is barely seen as the old style of film making dictates, and when you do actually get to see the little bugger you have to really strain to do so as the The Being was seemingly filmed in the dark. Hey, no biggie. It's all about atmosphere which this film is chock full of. People gripe at the acting. Hey, if ya want reality, skip the T.V. set and go straight down to any MLK blvd in any big city across the good ol' U.S. of stinkin' A. and have at it kid! Between MTV's The Real World and the apocalyptic flood of "reality" T.V. that followed, I'm fuckin' good with the whole reality/realistic/realism bullshit, fah real! If I want a glimpse into "real life" I'll go downtown and watch you panhandle for your next hit of crack

It really doesn't surprise me that all the internet hipsters bash movies like The Being as they are devoid of soundtracks consisting of Eminem and Linkin Park and all the other wannabe degenerates that wouldn't last a micro-fuckin'-second in the clink. A bunch of pussy microphone bandits with bleached blonde hair and fake ghetto accents. It cracks me up to see some suburbanite whiteboy clumsily, yet earnestly spitting out the ebonics he copped from Lil' Wayne and Barbershop 2. Go jump back into the screen that's currently playing the latest Final Destination.

I'll admit, The Being aint the type of flick that's for everyone, but for some reason I like it, a lot. I had nabbed a copy of the Thorn EMI  video cassette back in the mid 80's and had been a fan since. I was stoked when I found out that Jackie Kong, director of The Being had also directed Blood Diner. If you're not overly picky and a bit nostalgic to boot, you just may dig this tricky lil' flick as there are a few surprises for the quick and the worthy to behold



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