Friday, December 7, 2012


I just wanted to take a moment to ask whoever reads this blog: Is it me or is there more than a striking similarity between Apache Chief from the Superfriends and Horace Bones, lead thug and hippie cult leader extraordinaire from I Drink Your Blood?

Considering I Drink Your Blood was released and splashed across drive-in movie theaters all across America in 1970 and Superfriends became every kids aural and visual equivalent of crack cocaine a few years later in '73, I think it's highly possible that there may have been a bit of an influence there on the part of Hanna-Barbara.

If this is the case, then I have to wonder how much dope the cult over at Hanna-Barbara were smoking. I mean think about it. We're talkin' about the same company that brought us Scooby fuckin' Doo here folks! A talking dog and his stinky, unshaven stoner buddy who incessantly has the munchies along with an incurable case of paranoia fueled by a bunch of creepy lechers dressed up in Halloween costumes trying to scare away kids who might pop up in the middle of nowhere in attempt to pull off some sort of robbery or another. Got that?

Yeah , methinks there was a lot more than scriptwriting and animation going on behind the scenes. Ever wonder why all that smoke came billowing out of the Hall of Justice everytime one of the Superfriends came staggering out? Haphazardly flying "high" into the sky, dodging airplanes and shit and tripping out on the sunset. Yeah, I don't find it improbable that Apache Chief was indeed based on a certain LSD addled, blood drinking, rat roasting cult leader, himself based in part on the grooviest guru most high, Charles Manson. Aaahhh, the '70's. These kids can keep their homosexual Pokemon and what have you while I stick with the Charlie Manson inspired Indian warlords. After all , cult leaders get all the pussy !

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