Thursday, December 6, 2012

Terrorizer - Hordes of Zombies (2012)

Boy, any Terrorizer album to be released post-World Downfall is sure to draw the collective ire of every pseudo-intellectual fanboy, as asses are set abaze and butt burned nerds the world over seek to avenge their offended nervous systems by typing in scathing reviews and pointing out that which is true and which is not (even though over half of these geeks knew nothing of the band's existence until accidentally stumbling upon them via Youtube 6 or so months back) in an apparently necessary proclamation of their vast knowledge of things. Go fucking die already.

The big and most glaringly obvious no-no that this album commits is that it is the first of the band's releases not to feature founding member Jesse Pintado on guitar. I look at it like this, it does take balls indeed to pull off such a maneuver and hats off to 'em for keeping the ball rolling. Being that Terrorizer's approach to death/grind has always been rather straightforward, how could they possibly drop the ball and fuck this up, regardless of who is now writing the riffs? The bottom line is they haven't. I guess the biggest difference from this album and the last is that the chick (?) who replaced Jesse stylistically leans more towards tremolo picked riff acrobatics whereas Jesse was slightly more well rounded. Nonetheless, the intensity level is virtually identical to previous Terrorizer outings and if anything, this is probably the fastest album released by the band yet. I can only assume that complaints towards this album or the last are merely the ass-wrought tear drops gushed fourth by a generation of arrogant faggots who obsess over what is "true" in some juvenile quest to come across as knowledgeable and ultimately cool as a result. I'm fairly convinced that metal and the internet is not a good combination as the horde of ultra-hip faggot retards that have begun swarming the circuit in droves is enough to make me consider going on a napalm drenched killing spree in an attempt to wax each and every one of these motherfuckers off the planet. Hordes of Zombies, indeed.

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