Friday, December 7, 2012

Phenomena -aka- Creepers (1985)

This is probably my favorite Argento film with Suspiria being a close second. Both films have many similarities and of course, strong female antagonists, frightening even. Of course Phenomena (-aka- Creepers, as I saw it originally so long ago) is one of the less popular of Argento's films, or should I say earlier films since pretty much everything he's done from Trauma on has been torn to pieces by critics and fans alike.

One of the main reasons I love this film is the scenery. Filmed in the Swiss Alps there is much for the eyes to take in regarding atmospheric aesthetics and the opening scene is one of Argento's finest moments.

Like Suspiria, Phenomena has that grim and foreboding "fairy tale" vibe, possibly due to its mostly wooded locations. The serial killer(s?) is a lurking phantom akin to the shadows that swallow you up when night falls and the climax is one of the greatest sequences I've had the pleasure of viewing. In fact, the maggot scenes in Suspiria pale in comparison. This movie just might have the most maggots you'll ever see in a feature film. Eat your heart out Fulci!

All of my praise and adoration for this film does not mean that it is a flawless work by any means whatsoever. Some of the acting and subsequent dialogue delivered are downright ridiculous, embarrassing to watch almost, and I can't say that I'm the biggest fan of telekinetic "good" girls (Friday the 13th part 7, I'm lookin' at you!) who are, you know, like totally "buddy buddy" with roaches and silverfish, or is it spiders and ants... oh whatever! The fact is, I'm not keen on magical little kids saving the day. In fact, fuck kids! Every time I see a film and a kid gets murdered, I know I'm about to see a classic unfold. The only time a kid has a chance of coolness in my book is if he's a totally deformed pervert serial killer like the one in this film!

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