Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Atheist - Jupiter

Not sure why all the internet fags cried big drippy ass tears over this. I mean, this sounds MUCH fucking better than the salsa bullshit on the band's last album. The only thing I can find on here that would annoy me is the modern sounding production. That's a major factor why I haven't really fucked with too much death metal in the last few years. There's something overwhelmingly gay about the way albums are produced nowadays. Oh well. as far as the music is concerned, I'm somewhat perplexed as to why this album has gotten so much flak. Maybe it wasn't weak enough, which actually makes all the sense in the world to me considering that the shit that makes people jump for joy these days is usually big, pink and gay all over.

Aside from the homo production devised by some wheel chair ridden Jew down in Florida, the music on here sounds like the album that should have been released after 1991's 'Unquestionable Presence'.

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