Saturday, August 18, 2012

Khanate - Khanate

Khanate were one of those stupid fucking bands that thought that by making a bunch of low frequency drone/noise/garbage and having a rape victim scream into the mic, they were really onto some truly groundbreaking shit. What's worse is that each and every member of this band has about 12 other side projects that all sound the same. What the fuck?

I hate this fucking band. There's always some pretentious fuck who gets his nipples all hard when talking about how "frightening" and heavy this band is. Obviously that guys gateway drug was a big black nigger radiator hose slapping him in the face while being called a "chump white bitch".

There is absolutely nothing "frightening" or even remotely heavy about a band of pseudo-intellectual hipsters that make prolonged queef noises with their instruments all the while a homosexual rape victim mindlessly shrieks into the microphone, complaining about his "broken ass" and such. Not cool. Not cool what so ever.

It's been actually said that "Khanate's music is supposed to make you feel miserable". Ya think??

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