Thursday, August 2, 2012

Solemn - Asaru Brethren

Solemn were a band from Clifton, New Jersey that existed during the early to mid '90's. Like many bands from the Jersey area, Solemn excelled at playing a doomy/blasphemous style of death metal more than merely "similar" to fellow Jersey acts, Incantation and Symphony of Grief.

Whereas the first demo released by Solemn, 1993's 'Exiled at the Well of Souls' was a bit more of a "thrashier" death metal endeavor, 'Asaru Brethren' is full on evil in the style of Incantation's 'Mortal Throne of Nazarene' LP.

The vocals on this demo are probably the only deviation from the usually decrepit and haunting Jersey sound. They tend to lean a little on the goregrind side of the fence, which is fine by me. Make no mistake though, the vocals here are not of the pitchshifted variety normally employed by most "true blue" goregrind bands such as Last Days of Humanity. They're definitely being puked out of this guy's throat, which makes the experience all the more rancid and disturbing.

Also of note: Guitarist Rob DiSiena is also the founder of Elegy Records, known for releasing gems from bands such as Magus, Evoken and Incantation. He was also a frequent collaborator with Bill Zebub, he of the legendary 'Grimoire of Exalted Deeds'.

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  1. Craig Sackett was the vocalist on this masterpiece!!