Thursday, August 16, 2012

Katatonia - Dead End Kings

First of all I should not have this right now. Also, don't ask me for it. You will not get it. Wait. Somewhere down the line a "journalist" most likely was drunk and/or careless about the confidentiality of this album. Peaceville has had it wrapped tight as a...well, fill in the blanks. Perhaps I'm not the best person to give an unbiased review of this release. Or maybe I am. I will end up buying every format of this. I've been a shameless supporter of Katatonia since "Brave Murder Day" was put out. I CAN be impartial though. I have some certain gripes about the new material. But they're minute compared to the praise. Generally I'm floored from the first second of a Katatonia album. "Dead End Kings" takes a bit more attention. Much more attention. When "The Parting" leads off you're wondering if this was the latest symphonic tune from queermos in Norway. Not so...I'm not going to ruin surprises if you haven't heard this. Fuck off actually. I'm already getting sick of this review. I wanted to be "professional" for this review. But seriously I have feces you should be sniffing. There is things "Dead End Kings" will do for my soul and well being that your mother couldn't do. I would love to name some highlights. It's just such a personal thing that I don't feel like sharing it with you idiots. I know, I'm not doing much to give you an over view. But if you want a little cock slap and a reassuring back rub..."Dead End Kings" is the best thing they have ever done. I can't put into words what every song makes me feel. I'm not a fucking english major. I don't know if I would want to share that with you fags anyways. In all seriousness it is a soul changing experience. You fucking hippies. Cheers P.S. In all seriousness "Dead End Kings" deserves every bit of your attention. Lose yourself in it. Next up I trash your favorite death metal albums. No sniveling fanboy reviews. In all seriousness I'm going to re-review this. It deserves it. But you're still unworthy, fags.

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