Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chump of the Month: Brett Hoffmann of Malevolent Creation

After being publicly and repeatedly dissed by fellow Malevolent Creation member and douche bag extraordinaire, Phil Fasciana (quite possibly the emperor of chumps), as well as having been kicked out of the band on countless occasions, you'd think that vocalist Brett Hoffmann would have the balls to tell douche lord Fasciana to go fuck off and kick rocks or at the very least, clock that fool in his overgrown, Jew sized schnauzer. Nope. Not Chump Hoffmann. Every time Fasciana winds up without yet another beanie clad, mediocre vocalist, he always ends up recruiting the Malevolent Creation 'go to chump', Brett Hoffmann. Apparently Brett's so desperate to be involved in the band and soak up any amount of attention the band receives, he's willing to allow himself to be viciously cock-slapped by Fasciana and company and for THAT, Brett Hoffmann is the 'Chump of the Month'.

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