Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Marduk - Serpent Sermon

Typically gay black metal. Out of Norway and Sweden, Sweden has always been the less homosexual of the two when it comes to crafting black metal, being that they usually cannot help but infuse some semblance of death metal riffing into the equation along with a mind numbing amount of blast beat retardation. Make no mistake though, black metal is gay in any of its guises.

A lot of pseudo-intellectual "connoisseurs" praise Marduk for their "brutality" whilst frowning through their brown eye at the vast host of wigger/slam bands, especially if they're American. Even though I find 98% of the latter genre to be laughably brain dead, I'd put California's 'Disgorge' up against the lot of European black metal bands ANY day of the week where brutality is concerned. There is nothing brutal sounding about a gang of idiots with make up on being severely throatfucked and sodomized by some fat, sore ridden creepzoid over a blast beat seemingly run on loop. Yeah, yeah, "they don't just blast on this". Sounds just as lame either way.

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