Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Meat & Potatoes: An interview with Jason Hildebrand of Dead in the Face

I realize that we "all gotta start some-fucking-where", so what was your first experience with 'metal' and what were you rocking out to prior to that 'cherry breaking' moment?
Luckily, my parents listened to some cool music while I was growing up like the Moody Blues, Steely Dan and Jethro Tull. I learned to appreciate good musicians at a young age. Then my first taste of the ‘heavy’ was AC/DC’s ‘Back In Black’ album. And Bad Company’s s/t. That was the gateway to Maiden, then onwards to thrash and beyond.

I've found myself going back to a lot of the stuff that I hated in the 80's, such as The Thompson Twins, etc..., and actually digging it these days. Obviously a lot of this has to do with memories and so on. Do you have any guilty pleasures from the old days?

Oh fuck yes, I’ll bust out some Duran Duran or The Fixx. Whoever says there wasn’t ANY good music besides underground Metal in the 80’s is full of shit . I’m not writing any gay riffs like that for my band, but I’ll slip back to the parachute pant wearin’, bandana on the knee, mullet-havin’ memories of that music sometimes. After listing to what’s ‘top 40’ nowadays, shit – Milli Vanilli could at least dance. That nigga Justin Beiber is just corny and looks like a lesbian. Won’t someone think of the children?!

Exodus. Slayer. McTallica. Megadeth. Which of these bands, in your opinion, fell the the farthest and the hardest and why?

Well, obviously Metallica shit the bed the messiest of all, ever. Budweiser and Taco Bell shits bro, non washable, no return. But that was SO long ago I almost forget about them completely. Last good Metallica$h record was in 19-fucking-88!!! I’m gonna have to go with Megadave. He had so much potential, pissed away so many good guitar players and line-ups. The way shit went commercial with his music, was such a disappointment to me, he’s a big reason I picked up the guitar in ’85 (!). He’s more talented than all the members of Shitallica combined. He just turned out to be a smack talking Jesus freak. THAT last part is the worst of all. PLAY THE CONJURING DAVE, YOU PUSSY.

I know you're not a very big "fan" of Pantera. I'm curious as to what the reasoning behind this militant displeasure of yours is.
Ah yes, I’ve gotten actual hate e-mail from strangers on FB asking ‘Yo bro, why the hate for Pantera man?’, or ‘fuck you dude, Pantera RULES’. Think about that for a second. THAT is their fan base. One step, or chromosome I’d like to say, away from a fuckin’ Juggalo chud. Would you ever take the time out of your day to mail a complete stranger if you saw some shit on their FB page dissing a band you like? Fuck no. Not to mention the glaring obviousness of it all…. tired of being a glam band, shit was dying out… get Terry Date (overkill) to produce, RIP OFF Exhorder’s guitar sound (thanks Phil) and shamelessly jump the bandwagon of ‘heavy’ to create the gayest most manufactured and hollow shitfest ever… ‘Cowfags from Hell’. Nah brah, ‘I AM THE NIGHT’ = That’s where these gaylords’ roots truly lie. And rednecks love them. Isn’t that enough reason to hate them? 

Name three bands that you'd actually like to see get back together:

Razor, Defleshed, and Dark Angel (with Jim Durkin or nothing, Ron Rinehart is ill – so fuckin’ go find Don Doty, DO IT!!)

Name three bands that have committed the gayest acts of treason:

Metallica, Megadeth, and Overkill (for firing Bobby G.)

'Darkness Descends', 'Leave Scars' or 'Time Does Not Heal'. Why?

Leave fucking Scars!!!! I dig all three albums really, great band. But songs like ‘The Death of Innocence’, ‘Never to Rise Again’, ‘Older than Time Itself’, and OF COURSE ‘No One Answers’, my all time favorite thrash song ever, make Leave Scars the best DA album for me. \,,/ That, and the memories of the songs seen on Ultimate Revenge II when that album was just coming out. Killer.

In a perfect world, who would the 'dream line-up' consist of?

Wow… Martin Van Drunen – Vox, Bill Steer - Guitar, Samoth – Guitar, Blacky – Bass, Frost – Drums. Damn, could you imagine?

I know you're pretty heavy into the black metal scene. What areas are currently putting out the best shit?

FRANCE, BELGIUM and uh, yeah – France. Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord, Borgia, Vorkreist, Glorior Belli, Peste Noire, Arkhon Infaustus, Spektr, Mutiilation… the list goes ON.

Any glam bands from the 80's that you'd allow a 'get out of gay free card' to? Why? 

The first two Motley Crue albums, ‘cause they ruled. The first two or three Ratt albums. Even the first two Dokken albums. That was some good stuff! Some of ‘em dressed like fags, but some of that shit was just good heavy metal.

Do you miss the days when metal heads were identifiable as being metal heads instead of a bunch of gay wiggers?

Holy shit yeah. The ‘Five Finger Death Punch’ meathead mall metal dudes gotta GO. Thanks in large part to those CUNTS Glamtera turning on the ‘frat dudes and farm boys’ into ‘rockin’ metal dudes’. And don’t even get me started on the fuckin’ Wigger Slam gay parade. Flat brim hats are the tell tale sign that the ‘scene’ has been so diluted and played out. Thankfully some young bucks are going underground and still carrying the torch – bands like Vektor for instance.

What's the craziest show you ever attended?

Craziest would have to be the BoltThrower riot at G-Willikers , in ’91 or ‘92’. Jo Bench, BT’s bassist, was dating a black guy at the time. The skins that frequented Willikers gigs back then didn’t let that go unnoticed and were hassling her. Next thing I know is the show stops and their singer runs off stage, a minute later runs back in with a night stick or something. Heads are getting cracked and I was out of there. Just pulling away as the cop cars were coming. Crazy shit.

Any people out there in the metal scene that you'd like to smack in the face with a brick?

Pantera fans. Get lots of bricks. No one person can be hated in the music world above all others for me. There’s plenty of cunts. But there’s more cool people than them so the music endures. That being said I’d like to punch Lars Ulrich in the face, three times.

What is your opinion of internet geeks who send friend requests to every has-been/nobody metal musician on Facebook like they're collecting Garbage Pail Kids?

Some of them are from different countries and look like they could be on that ‘send 45 cents a day’ commercial. So I give them a pass. Everyone else, gaaaaaay. I promote my band on Facebook no doubt, but that’s the ‘band’ page. My personal page ain’t for a popularity contest. That’s girlie shit.

What's the scoop with Dead in the Face? What are the bands immediate plans? 

Well sir, its like this... we want to record real bad. Circumstances in the band right now have that a little delayed. Nothing insurmountable, but more of a financial thing. We’ve got a crop of new shit that is great stuff, so we think. I’d like to record an album. Not just a 4 song demo. We’re getting’ old. Each recording could be our last. 

If you could only bring three albums along with you as a soundtrack to the post-apocalypse, what would they be?

Mercyful Fate – Don’t Break the Oath, Pestilence – Consuming Impulse, Emperor – Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk. Typed that shit right out without even pausing to think. BAM.

What did you think of the Amon album?

Better and different than I expected. I think they went a tad overboard with the solos – Ralph Santolla wins every time, they should have just toned that down a bit. Some of the tunes were a little long, but a lot more technical than I expected. They can still write good shit. But it ain’t Once Upon the Cross, or Serpents of the Light. Or even Scars of the Crucifix. So Glen wins.

Who do you think are some of the most overrated bands at the moment?

Watain – I’ll just listen to Dissection do it better thanks. Asphyx – boring then, more boring now. Lamb of God – just, no.

What do you think of the whole death/metal/mall/whatever the fuck "core" scene that the mainstream metal media is currently enthralled by?

Its just that the ‘posers’ of today are worse than before. At least the ‘hair rock’ dudes never tried to ape the music we liked. They went full rock ‘n roll and did their thing. These wanna-be heavy kids just get pierced, tatted and the sweep cut – start crab walking during 5 minute ‘break downs’ and think they’re ‘metal’. But just like we did, there’s the kids that are into the true shit that despise them. So hopefully they’re forming bands in some garage with Kreator and Slayer posters on the wall somewhere right now.

Floyd or Sabbath?

Deep Purple. Sorry man. Had to.

Personally, I'm not bothered by someone's beliefs , especially if that person writes kick ass music and besides, everyone is entitled to their own opinion on life. What are your thoughts on people who cry about others being racist, etc?

I think its funny and hypocritical of metal fans getting upset about lyrics. Writing about raping kids, women, animals and shit is no prob it seems, I surely don’t care. Kill the nuns, priests, rip their guts out! Just don’t talk about the Jews or the Blacks or you’re a fuckin’ Nazi band! That’s pussy PC shit. As long as you don’t support violence in any way against anybody, you can say what the fuck you want as far as I’m concerned. The ones who cry ‘racist’ with that shit are the true Nazis. Believe it. 

Metallica vs Megadeth

Megadeth, all day every day. Every album pound for pound vs. its counterpart, year by year Megadeth wrote Metallica under the table. Master of Puppets and Peace Sells could have been a tie if you wanna split red cunt hairs.

Favorite Maiden album. Why does this trump the rest?

KILLERS. Because Di’Anno is THE fuckin’ Maiden singer. That was the sound of perfected ‘NWOBHM’ for me on that album. Production, songwriting. ‘Prodigal Son’ gives me chills every time. Like a time gone by in metal history when I was a wee lad, over and done now for a long ass time. Where’s the Kleenex? PS – fuck Brucey Bruce.

All right my Brother. Any last words?

Smoke pot and be cool to everyone except assholes. Fuck them up.

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