Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dismember - Massive Killing Capacity

Don't let the absolutely superior cover art fool you as it did I, so many years ago. This is probably the most awkward sounding release by the band. It sounds like they thought that not only ripping off Entombed's guitar sound was a great idea but that they'd give the whole 'Death -n- Roll' thing a go as well. The funny thing is that is doesn't sound as if the whole band was committed to this approach.

Whether you accepted the whole "rock & roll" thing that Entombed started to do shortly after the release of their penultimate LP, 'Clandestine', one thing is certain... they have always had a knack for writing good riffs. Death metal or not. Dismember's track record, however, is clustered with just as many misses as hits and this is perhaps the most bizarre album of their career. It's like some guy who sucks dick for $20 bags of crack but insists on telling himself that he's straight. The fact that in the CD booklet, one of the guitar players is wearing a bandana, Vatos Locos style, says a lot.

It seems like Dismember were on the verge of jumping out of the closet, full bore, but then had a change of heart and decided to remain hidden within. Aside from some of the goofier, more "rock" sounding riffs on this album, the ones that are firmly rooted in the death metal camp are just plain boring. There's absolutely nothing memorable or spectacular going on here. Just a band in the midst of an identity crisis, debating if they should tell the world that they are gay.

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