Friday, May 10, 2013

Agonized - Gods... (1991)

This might actually be cool if you could hear any of it. It sounds like someone recorded someone burping beneath an underpass while a fleet of Hell's Angels drive by. Of course this is yet another "lost Finnish demo tape" that all of the fake OSDM faggots are heralding as a "classic of the genre". Look here fucks, sure, if you could actually "hear" the fucking thing, it might be good, but until that happens, this sucks. Plain and simple. My toilet being flushed has more rhythm than this fucking thing. And then there's the title. 'Gods...'. Gods of what? Sounding like shit? That would certainly sum this up quite properly Fuck this band, and fuck fake metalhead nerds who try and convince you that the "dribbling" sound of going poopy in their pants sounds "old school". Fuckin' chumps.

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