Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Resurgency - False Enlightenment (2012)

This sounded fucking awesome, until I realized that's it's beyond fucking boring. That's the problem with all of these bands that are influenced by early 90's death metal. Sure, they got the vibes, they got the spirit, but FUCK, why can't they come up with cool sounding riffs?? Of course, that's not the problem here with Resurgency, They certainly have cool sounding riffs, but it's the 'Sepultura - Arise-esque' measurement predictability that bothers me like a cockroach crawling up my nostril. It's like they figured out that they got a cool riff and then decide to beat you over the fucking head with it. Now, I'm not a fan of the Origin/Nile/9'000'000 riffs per microsecond approach either, but c'mon Man, divvy it up a little god damned somethin', will ya?

The vocalist deserves some props for sounding more Barney than Barney has in well over a decade (there's something about Barney's newfound haggard, throat-fucked rasp that's kept me from enjoying Napalm Death's output since the late 90's).

Overall, this is a pretty decent album that will appeal more to the cock starved 'OSDM' crowd that blindly eat this sort of shit up than it has I, though this is certainly better than all of the boring Autopsy/Incantation worship-fags that have been fondling eachother's penises for the last few years, but hopefully Resurgency steps it up a notch next time around.

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