Thursday, May 9, 2013

Watchtower - Control and Resistance (1989)

This is the kind of pretentious faggot bullshit that people who think they can "play" their instruments listen to. Being that these mindless Ken dolls have no dicks to begin with, they have to "play" with their guitars instead. Fuck that shit. This shit sucks. Beyond the fact that it's obvious that these nerds think that they're "doing something", there is really not a whole lot of sense to be made here. Just some dickless nerd trying to trying to hump your leg with his guitar, meanwhile, because the songs make no sense, the vocalist has decided to sing wherever the fuck he damn well pleases, which makes the "songs" that much more awkward and retarded. Speaking of vocals, this is one of those guys who channels his 'inner rape victim' in order to come across as if he can actually sing. People who listen to this sort of shit should have their guitars snatched from their hands (or in all likelihood, from out of their buttholes) and in turn beaten with them until they lie twitching in a massive pile of bloody sludge and fleshly pulp.

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